Friday, February 22, 2008

Nine Months

Nine months of Puttachi in my tummy - seemed like nine years.
Nine months of her out in the world - gone like nine seconds.

An (ahem) important side note: The kgs I gained in the nine months I was pregnant? I lost them all in these last nine months. Well, almost all of them. Just one more kg to go. No, I did nothing for this to happen, not even raise my little finger (Though I should have). It just happened.

What's new with Puttachi this month?

I'll start with saying that I had always wondered how parents can even think of sedating their kids for their own peace. I can now say that I understand why they do that. I am not saying I do it, nor am I advocating it - but I am just saying that now, I know why they do it.

Activities - Crawling all around the house. Pulling things, eating every little bit of rubbish in sight. Stands for 10-15 seconds on her own. A very wobbly 15 seconds, though, with the wobbliness diminishing with each day.

Bath time - Has finally discovered the delights of water. So bath time is now a breeze. Except if you dare to pour water over her head to shampoo her hair, which usually contains sticky remnants of her meals. She then squirms like a fish that has been taken out of water. You can't even sigh with relief after her hair is washed. Drying her hair is a nightmare.

Mamm-mamm - Ugi, or Agi? - "Mamm-mamm" is baby talk for food. And in Kannada, Ugi is Spit, and Agi is Chew. FOr a while, Puttachi did more of Ugi-ing than Agi-ing. She is in an on-off phase of rejecting solids. More here - Inputs welcome. The situation is slightly better now - touchwood.

The first morsel of every meal has to be spat out. Just has to be. No questions asked. It is only with the second morsel that her meal begins. And when she has had enough, she either turns on a sprinkler in her mouth, spray-painting our faces and clothes with food, or she spits the food out in such a projectile that she could be the President of the Paan Spitters' Association of India.

If we let her eat by herself, she dutifully picks up each bit of food with her fingers and feeds it to us.

Taachi - Baby talk for sleep. Her naps are very good now. But her night time sleep? A nightmare. Again, details here.

- When I am strapping/unstrapping her into her car seat/stroller/high chair, she looks at my fingers and the straps with such rapt concentration, that I am quite sure she is observing how it works. I am terrified she'll unstrap herself some day and hop out and hurt herself. I have now taken to hiding the strap mechanism behind my palm, and then working on it.

- She loves her Papa. She jumps up and down like a rubber ball the moment he gets back from work - and squeals and giggles with excitement. We go out for a lovely evening walk everyday after S~ gets back.

- She is a social animal. She talks to everybody on the road. She smiles, talks, offers her hand to strangers and bats her eyelashes at them. As long as they respond from afar, everything is fine. But the moment they try to carry her, or touch her, she screams like a banshee.

- How to recognize Puttachi when we are on our evening walk
- She is the kid with the big eyes and a mop of dark unruly hair, who is calling out to strangers, singing happily when she sees flowers, and laughing excitedly to herself at the sight of everything on the road.
- When in a stroller, she is the one sitting straight up, straining against the strap (the back rest in the stroller is absolutely of no use).
- When she is being carried in the sling, she is the one whose arms are waving like a windmill, and whose legs are pumping like the piston of a four stroke engine.
- With her are two adults. The female looks harassed, hair all awry. The male looks like he will burst with pride.

If you see such a group on your evening walk, please come by and say hello!


Vamsi said...

Loved almost all your posts...
But this post is just above all..Lovely damn cute...Every post makes me feel like I wish i could go back to my childhood days or I wish i had my puttachi:D. First one is impossible and still there is lot of time for second one...Till then keep enjoying your posts.

Anonymous said...

Will surely say hi when I see ya but for now consider this my Hi!

Great blog.


Anonymous said...

I have read all your blog posts and your blog is bookmarked!

A very cute baby indeed. God bless the little one.

I enjoy each one of your post and like your flow of thoughts and choice of words.

Keep blogging, nice job.

New York.

Rashmi said...

cute post :)

charu said...

hi S,
I was rolling with laughter imagining all what you had written in this post !cant wait to see puttachi !will surely try to come and see her in august when A maasi is visiting !

Viky said...

Wait till she grows a bit older...

PeeVee said...

Can imagine everything so well :) This post goes into the "top" category

Veena Shivanna said...

Wow! Just adorable.
I liked the walking bit a lot.. I am just imagining how she actually does.. So she is a lucky girl who has Sling,Stroller,Car Seat, and high chair...!

There is something called Activity gym, I was told they don't get fed up fast. Does she has that too...

Lots of love to Puttachi!

kadalabal said...

omehow my comments posted earlier dint go thro in fact it was first one.
great one shruthi and how to idetify puttachi on walk wonderful the way you have put. entire post is simply superb and puttachi is so lucky she can read all this once she grows up just it is a matter of time.
three cheers to trio
have a nice days ahead and counting months will be over soon then it will be years
time just like that rollsout


Madhu said...

Totally loved this post. I was splitting with laughter thinking of the 3 of you walking.
We used to feel the same way about A when we would strap her and she kept staring at it as though she would try it out the next minute. But she lost the fascination after a few months and luckily for us still remains strapped!

Sumana said...

Hey shruthi,
Nice post. No wonder, All girls are papa's daughters. Mine carries the laptop bag only of papa's after he returns back from work.

Poppins said...

Loved reading this post. Where exactly does this group go walking, I'll be sure to come by and say Hi ! :)

Swati said...

Lovely lovely post ...will sure like to say Hi in person esp to the princess

Sachin said...

Hey Shruthi, thanks! I finally did get to see Puttachi's pics!! Must say she is adorable!!! :)

You have outlined her childhood so well, I can picture every bit of it. Hope to have the pleasure of doing the same myself soon. Pray for me.

vidya said...

Lovely post! specially the legs being kicked like a fourstroke engine.
I remembered how I used to carry K1in my left arm and push grocery and vegetables in the stroller!

- -