Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I have always had a rule for myself, that I should reply to the comments I get on each post. I have done that ever since this blog began, and no matter how many comments I got, I answered. Silly, rude, inconsequential - they all got a reply. For the simple reason that I feel that if I don't reply to a comment, it is like I am not answering someone who is speaking to me.

But this has changed in the last couple of months. The time I get online has become very less - partly by choice - and what precious little time I get online is spent in mailing and writing down the thoughts in my head. Which leaves next to no time for replying to comments.

I still feel uneasy when I see that I don't reply to comments. But I have to draw a line somewhere. Having said all this, I have no right to ask you to keep commenting. But I will do just that. Please keep commenting - I love your comments - each one makes my day! On my part, I will make a sincere attempt to start replying to comments again. Also, if you need any information about anything, or need to contact me for anything at all, please mail me at shruthi dot hallucinations at gmail dot com.

While we are at it, there is another little thing - a request, I should say. Though I blog with my own name, and nothing in my blog is so personal that I have to go into hiding if my personal details are made public, I have consciously kept certain things private. Like my surname, names of my family. I don't mention where I studied, where I worked, where I live, things like that.

So, if you know about me, and if you comment on my blog, please ensure that you keep those things private too.

Thank you.


Veena said...


What do I comment here? Well, as usual very neat post.. what ever you wanted to say, you have said it so crisp and brief.

Your posts are so thought provoking that we can't resist from commenting!

Keep well,

Amit said...

lurker de-lurking to tell you even if we don't comment, we're still around reading :)

Kadalabal said...

ditto veena
taken tips and noted
reading your replies to comments was also so interesting as your thoughtful posts anyhow I understand ur changed scenerio and wish u will be able to it after some time
love ur post clarity in them committment in them what not

Shyam said...

whaaaat shruthi, you already said where you live, no? It's in Bangalore only, no? :)

PS. The other little secrets are on my monitor's background display - in strict rotation, as I've got to be fair to them all :)

yesh said...

Hi Shruthi,
I know that you are in bangalore but do not know anything about you after that :). But this line of your's tells me to write comment on this post - "I feel that if I don't reply to a comment, it is like I am not answering someone who is speaking to me" - there are quite a number of blog posts of your's which make a interesting reading and at times thought provoking. Wish you keep your thoughts and writing going.....

rajk said...

I've always liked the way you replied to comments..I never know what to reply other than "thanks for commenting or exactly my thoughts"! And how many times can you say that!
See, one more reason why I admire your writing skills!

Rohit Tripathi said...

found your blog on best Indian blog's list.... and I have read some of your blogs, I want to congratulate you first that you are having an amazing writing ability which makes your blogs very much readable and interesting. keep the good work coming .... Rohit,

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Sachin said...

Point noted, maam!! Hope you are well.. Take care..

- -