Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It's been quite crazy here. Lots of things to do, and only 24 hours in a day. Blogging has therefore taken a backseat. Though there are a dozen posts swimming about in my head, I haven't been able to sit down and put them down in words.

In the midst of this madness, I had an unexpected oasis of quiet enjoyment yesterday. Puttachi hadn't napped well all day, and so she took an extra nap in the late afternoon. After I put her to bed, I found that I was hungry. I didn't want to eat any more "healthy" stuff... I was craving for instant noodles. I found a packet of Maggi, made it (in 2 minutes!), and then went back to my room. I sat next to the window, and curled up with a nice fat book (The Lord of the Rings) and I ate the Maggi. For a blissful half an hour, I was suspended in a world of my own. Work was undone, things around me were begging to be put back in their place, but I retreated into a cocoon and read the book and ate Maggi. It was absolutely lovely!

Such simple pleasures - and so few and far between. If there is anything I miss in my life now, it is this - these moments with myself. The freedom to shut out the world and retreat into my own world. The freedom to just get up and head out for a walk without a second thought. Things like that.

Yet, this has perhaps been the happiest period of my life too. You lose some, you gain some!

Update: Just after I put up this post, I read this one!


Aditi said...

nicely put, i understood exactly what you meant even though i haven't experienced any of this myself!
i feel this way (although prolly less acutely) even after a bout of excessive socializing :)

Devaki said...

Oh Shruthi, I can so sympathise with you! No, I'm not a mom yet, but sometimes I feel this way too, wanting to get away from everything and be a child again. Just curl up in a corner with some comfort food and a good book! :-)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

A warm cup of coffee while you read through all the ravages of middle earth? I'm so jealous! :)

chitra said...


Maggi : the doctor has advised us against maggi and kurkures/chips for the ajinomoto content.

But envy the luxury that u had. I am sure u can steal some more moments as she grows.

Anonymous said...

Gee..methinks women are blessed to get these small doses of bliss not too infrequently ( deep deep sigh!)


Madhu said...

Exactly what I intended to say with my post, a lot of fun but...or dont get to do this..but a lot of fun. Dont know which but comes first :D

Kadalabal said...

kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai what u have lost is something bu what you have gained is much more and still you can have that freedom for some time like what u had mentioned reading book and eating maggi and puttachi just was in her dreams perhaps enjoying her favourite things
nice one shruthi
regarding time I think shark had put a post 24 hours is not enough now afer getting into new phase but nobody can change that and u can get back the time u lost

Sachin said...

LOTR with Maggi??? Great combo.... Going away from the flow of the post, am hoping you're liking the book, have read it twice myself and can now claim to own most of JRR's titles.

I get a lot of "me time" on Saturdays when S, my dad and bro are working, and my mom is generally busy with house work. But it always feels good!!! :)

- -