Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some more snippets.

Puttachi completed five months today. Its been a while since I did an update on her, so here goes.

* Puttachi bites. And hard. She wants to chew on everything. Everything finds its way to her mouth. If she is lying on her tummy and doesn't have anything else in hand, she licks whatever she is lying on.
Her favourite object to gnaw on is the human hand. If she finds one within reach, she pounces on it just like - just like the predator pounces on the prey in those National Geographic shows. And she gnaws on it like the predator eating off the prey. With equal fervour.

* She dives. And how! Wherever she is, whatever she is doing, her roving eye finds an object, she sets her heart on getting it. In the movie "The Greatest Game ever played", when this champion golfer is taking a shot, everything else vanishes - the trees, the spectators, everything except he and the hole. This kid is like that. When she wants something, only that object seems to exist in the world. She doesn't care about space, distance, height, anything. She just dives. Or if she is on the floor, she pushes her head down, or her knees, or her toes and tries her hardest to move forward and get it. I don't think it will be long before she starts moving forward. And then, Heavens save me.
And oh, why did she want the object that she has set her heart on? For the sole purpose of putting it into her mouth.

* She had the second haircut of her life. We started cutting her hair when she was asleep, but she woke up before we could complete it. So I broke the "NO-TV-for-Puttachi" rule, and switched on the TV. She sat and stared at the screen transfixed, and we finished the job. Now I know why moms put their kids before the TV. For a moment's peace. I have started rethinking my "No-TV-for-Puttachi" rule.

* Shortly after my plea for help, asking you for advice on how to make Puttachi sleep, her sleep habits improved beautifully. "Putting her to sleep" became a non-necessity. If it was her naptime, she just drifted off to sleep while taking her feed. That's it. That simple. But now, suddenly, she is a tad older. And that makes her very distracted. She finishes her feed and cries. Now, its back to square one, trying to "put her to bed". But her night-time sleep habits continue to remain very good.

* She is mine and S~'s daughter all right. She loves her food. After Ragi didn't agree with her, I started her on Nestum - plain rice cereal. I then started adding little somethings to it - Mosambi juice, Dal water, mashed carrot - she loves it. She gobbles it up with pleasure, with the appropriate satisfied noises. It is beautiful and so satisfying to watch her. I can't wait until she is older so that I can give her regular food!

* I can see her personality actually developing. Very active and restless, very curious and enthusiastic, fun-loving, vociferous. with strong likes and dislikes. of course, I don't want to label her, but its fun attributing certain characteristics to her.

* Pictures in books excite her, and as I have already said, music does too. Hail Hariprasad Chourasia for having the ability to calm her at a moment's notice!

* She is such a delight. Just as I think she cannot get any prettier or any more delightful, she does. [Alert! Doting mom!]

* People are cruel. When Puttachi was a new-born and looked like an alien, everybody said that she looked just like me. Now that she has blossomed into a cutie, everybody gushes about how much she looks like S~. Hmph.


Prince Henry's Cinderella said...

Shruthi, that was ADORABLE!! I waaaant a baaaaby!! haha

PS: The email that you requested from all your ardent fans is underway. I've saved it in my drafts folder and I intend to have it delivered to you by the end of the day :)

PPS: Sorry I've been MIA for so long. I still religiously read your blog.

sunshine said...

haha... it so very makes me want to meet her... Puttachi I mean... :)I am very lazy as far as commenting or replying to comments are concerned, but the moment I see a new post, I scroll down to see the length and if the label is "baby", and then, after I am done reading the post, my fingers automatically goes to click on the comments section.

Shyam said...

That was fun to read - you do write in a very engaging way. And as for whether Puttachi looks like you or not, send me some more pix and I'lll tell you she looks JUSSST like you :D

Mythili said...

Happy 5th to Puttachi!! I looked at the date today morning and remembered your little angel (my memory was fresh from one of your older posts :P)

Hugs to her.

M said...

ooooh! 5 stars to dear Puttachi:)

*tight hugs to the lil one*

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Okay first off, congratulations of post # 201. And second: lovely to follow your Puttachi growing up via your blog. Keep posting!

Kadalabal said...

So Puttachi is showing all that she is going to be beleyuva siri molakeyelli antharalla hage I have no doubts about her becoming good in all spheres with such good and accomplished parents great ajji tata great grand parents and nice uncle and aunty.
wonderful post and true beginning for the third hundred
three cheers to puttachi

Raaji said...

There's a kid at my home too. Wondering how they all exactly do the same things in the beginning!!!. Btw "matam" in tamil is "ಮಠ" in kannada. Will start one in English soon!.

Poppins said...

That was an awesome update ! Very very cute she sounds your Puttachi. If I ever meet her, I shall be sure to say that she looks like you ;p

Abhipraya said...

I was beginning to miss Puttacchi :) She's turning out to be fantastic isn't it :)

Cuckoo said...

It was as usual fun reading about Puttachi. And I wanna meet her now. She's so adorable. Who cares for you ! ;)

You gonna have tough time ahead (seeking attention).

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

wow.. loved this post.. i wanna see her ... :( ...

but its great that she will grow up with soooo many people doting on her.. including us..

Chitra said...

Swataha bandu noDabekelalve ;-) ?

shark said...

lol! on the last point :)
I wonder why we always want the babies to look like atleast somebody :)

Rohini said...

I too have a no-TV rule that is broken once a week so that I can cut his nails - only way to avoid a complete bloodbath...

Collection Of Stars said...

Shruthi, that was such a sweet update :)
"Just as I think she cannot get any prettier or any more delightful, she does." - I feel exactly the same way about my daughter :)

rajk said...

You are so lucky she loves her food. Ask all those moms whose kids are picky eaters!!
And yes, the "No TV" rule is made to be broken, I think.. It's a boon sometimes to have them watch it!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Cute cute update !

maverick said...

ur daughter's hair cut's done so simply. I mean I remember myself crying while the haircut even when I was 8.

Endevourme said...

hehe thats cute!

Usha said...

comprehensive update - gives us a pic of the cute little person that she already is.
Now out with the truth, how much of that nestum is going into the cerelac loving mom's mouth!
Perhaps an updated pic in my inbax is long overdue? with the new haircut??

Shruthi said...

Prince Henry's Cinderella, this name was enough - I didn't have to see your blog to know that this was you, the dulhan, in a new avataar :) Send that mail now! :D

Sunshine, come on over, to Bangalore.. any time :)

Shyam, greedy, greedy! :) Ok, will send.

Mythili, ohh I am so touched you remember!

M, thanks! And nice snap :O

Sudipta, thank you :)

Kadalabal, oh, huge compliments! Thank you!

Raaji, more about the kid, please! In the new English blog, perhaps?

Poppins, oh how sweet :) Don't say "if ever"! Will drop by very soon :)

Abhipraya, oh yes! More than you realize :D

Cuckoo, fret.. fume! :O Oh it is already happening.. when we go out, I don't need to dress well at all.. can as well go out in my pajamas....nobody looks at me :))

Rahul, :)

Chitra, bega baa!

Shark, ha ha, yeah :D

Rohini, oh, not possible when he is asleep? So far, it works with Puttachi!

Collection of Stars, :)) such a lovely feeling, right?

Rajk, yeah, so I am learning :O about food, let's see how long it lasts!

CA, thank you :)

Maverick, let's see what the future has in store! :O

Endevourme, :)

Usha, err.. emmmm whatever she leaves in the bowl goes into my stomach.. which is very very little, or nothing.. so i lick the bowl :D
And the pic is in your inbox!

Srik said...

Beautiful !!

When will I meet her again? She is such a cutie......

She loves food? Let her grow up..u'll have tough time to make her eat.. If she doesnt pry u like that,, we're there to pry her to trouble you more.. hehehehehe :D

- -