Monday, October 29, 2007

Condensed Milk

Every Saturday, I read Vikram Doctor's excellent column in The Economic Times - "Garam Masala", and decide to blog about it that night. The muhurtha, as they say, had never arrived, until now.

Vikram Doctor, in my opinion, is a terrific food-writer. One, he loves his food. Two, he
knows his food. Three, he has the knack of writing about it in a wonderful way. You are left mentally licking your fingers at the end of it.

Each time I read the column, I decide to alert my foodie readers about it, but then, as I said, I forget.

But this time, it didn't slip my mind - because this time, he wrote about condensed milk. Yes, that luscious, sweet, rich, sinful, viscous liquid that sends you straight to heaven with each delicious spoonful.

Vikram Doctor says it best -
As thousands of children have discovered over the years, condensed milk straight from the can is one of the most blissfully yummy things you can eat.
Both Nestle and Amul sell their condensed milk as an ingredient for home-made desserts, with recipes often provided helpfully on the can wrapper. I have never really been able to bring myself to make most of these, since good as they sound, they never sound quite as good as the plain product itself.

Needless to say, S~ went out immediately after reading the article, and bought both Nestle's Milkmaid and Amul's MithaiMate. It had been so long, and man, am I enjoying it!

Do read the article. And yes, if you like your food, don't miss Vikram Doctor's column each week. You will not be disappointed.


Altoid said...


I dont like you at all! Here I am, launching into a vigorous weight loss campaign with a strict diet and exercise regimen and you...YOU not only post with references to "condensed milk", YOU also mention that your husband got two cans of aforementioned sins and YOU are pigging out on them!

Bah! to you :P

PS : Did I mention, torturing foodies like me with mention of yummy food is a crime?

bru said...

Oh Shruthi,
you are so cruel. once upon a time i also ate condensed milk like crazy. but now, i have to watch my wait :( Worst part is, my husband can eat it with bread, chapathis, biscuits .......and also, spoonfuls sraight from the can and maintain his weight too!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Shruthi, you should try condensed milk with hot Chapathis, its such a yumm combination..

Dhanya said...

Too bad :( I just finished a can last week n is restricting myself from the temptation.. Me too on a wt loss campaign (tho whenever I see such yummy food I'll postpone the dieting to "from tomorrow" )

Viky said...


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Damn!! Now I too want some! :(

Idhar nahi milta :( :( :(

Kadalabal said...

yen madam yella weight loss campaign strict diet contro calorie control antha idre nivu olle tempting writeup haki bitri.
so for the time being yellawt.loss exercises are postponed to tomorrow
( it may be permanently tomorrow if you post more of them )
any how tindipotharige rasadouthana

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey thanks for the post - it reminded me of the days when my cousins used to be crazy about milkmaid :) I should try it on my daughter and see if she will like it :)

Wunderyearz said...

A truly yummy post........

Shruthi said...

Altoid, heh heh, poor you! :) I am also watching my weight big time.. remember, I just had a baby? So I am not really pigging out - just eating a little every day - and that's enough :) Now, I'll stop and go and eat another spoonful and continue.

Bru, ah, how I envy such people! :(

Vidya, mmmm! And with bread too!

Dhanya, heh heh.... same here, same here.. esp when festivals are round the corner, I think of starting the diet only "after" the festival!

Viky, that reminds me of Samosas :(

Sudipta, are you sure udhar nahin milta? Then make it yourself! :))

kadalabal, I will keep posting such stuff, and bereyavara diet jothege nanna diet kooda gone case!

Collection of Stars!, oh I am sure KT will love it! Let me know :)

Wunderyearz, oh yeah!

~nm said...

Ooh..condensed milk! Yummy! very rightly said. Its best eaten right from the can! :) I used to lick the can clean leaving not even a drop to go waste :)

Its been AGES since I had one and now I really want to go and buy it! I will surely buy it soon! REAL soon! :)

chitra said...

wow! i recall the taste and my mom's efforts at hiding it, so that it is there when she gets to bake the cake. if she bbought it the day before, she was sure , it wouldnt be there by the time she gets to bake. So, she would make us buy it when she starts to bake.

but yes, the oprening of the can is tedious. But worth the efofort ;) I think i should buy it for Diwali.

Mohan K.V said...

[I bumped into your blog while searching for an article by Vikram Doctor.]

Now that's a lovely coincidence, I read the article, loved it, and blogged about it, too :-)!

Kosmos said...


Condensed Milk

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