Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cancer Survivors

If you can read Kannada, please check out the Oct 11th 2007 "Sudha" (in the stands today). The cover page article is "Cancer Geddavaru" (Those who won over Cancer) by my mom Brinda N.Rao. You can also read it online on (You will have to register, though).

My mom battled and survived cancer about six years ago. It was a very difficult phase for all of us - and I cannot believe how beautifully my mom has emerged from that crisis. More active than before, and full of life as usual, she has continued her radio programs, given music concerts, and continued with writing and taking translation assignments.

She attributes her optimism during the treatment, and her positive attitude now, to timely counselling by Dr.Brinda Sitaram, the leading psycho-oncologist in India. The article is about Dr.Brinda, her institute COPER(Center of Psycho-Oncology for Education and Research), other cancer survivors, and my mom's own story.

Feedback welcome.


Kadalabal said...

amazing congrats to your mother so also to each one in your family and ofcourse to Dr.Brinda who gave all support to her patient brinda. I will bring and read the article of sudha

cancer gedda mahatayige hardika shubhsshyagalu. noorkala bali
jeevanada anubhavagalannu samajada jothe hanchikolluva kelasa munduvarisi

namaskaragal to grandmother
best wishes to you dear shruthi
and lots and lots of luv to puttachi

bhagawantha yellarigu sukha nemmadi nidali yendu prathisuve


Sanjay M said...

can't wait to get a copy of Sudha... will read it and I'm sure my family will enjoy it as well. Maybe it may even encourage my mom or aunt to try writing something... after they're the same generation :)

Altoid said...

Read it on the ezine Shruthi....a very useful and meaningful article. Best wishes to everyone in the family.

I love Lucy said...

:-)Lovely Shruthi!

I knew exactly what you meant when you described that difficult phase.And also what it feels like to see them fight and fight and emerge triumphant :-)

Your mother seems to be very courageous and so full of life!Please pass on my best wishes to her.And the whole family deserves a big pat on the back :)

M said...

hey Shruthi, great to see and hear of your mother's achievements. Boy, arent we surrounded by such great people? :-)
Hearty congratulations to your mom and to you all too who withstood the test of time:-)

Pradeep said...

Your mom needs to be congratulated on her courage and strength of mind. I am sure it will be a great inspiration to many.

Devaki said...

I can't read Kannada Shruthi, but my SALUTE to your mom.

Could you do an English translation on your blog? Or how about a guest post from your mom herself?

Anonymous said...

Hey Shruth,
I read the article online.It was very insightful.This article inspires,educates and encourage people in so many ways.Your mom is my hero.She's simply adorable.A beautiful person inside and out.Your whole family deserves a big,warm hug!! :-)

Chitra said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!! to your mom nd your family.
I can relate to the crisis very well cause my 2 aunts have been battling Cancer .One with breast cancer for the past 4 years and the other with lung cancer for the past 2 years...........

Raj said...

Sorry I can't read kannada, but I must express my admiration for your mother's positive attitude and the willingness to share the story with others.

chitra said...


I always have admired you through shuthi , coz she has imbibed a lot from you. I salute you for the courage and grit you displayed during the crisis. Not only that, you are spreading your positivity and courage by means of your writing. I'm running my first half marathon for child cancer charity this week and your article has truly inspired me, has given me a new dimension, to create awareness about the importance of psycho analysis and counselling. Its true that its all about the mind!

Thanks shruthi for this post.

Brinda said...

Dear friends,
I am overwhelmed by your reactions to Shruthi's blog and also to my article in `Sudha'. Your appreciation for me has inspired me more. Thanks and wish you all the best.

Shruthi said...

Thank you, all! My mom's reaction above this comment!

Sudhira said...

Namaskara Aunty,

Nimma saadhanegaLige haardika shubhashayagaLu! Nimma anubhava jeevanakke vishishta arthavanne moodiside.

@ Shruthi!
Congratulations to you and your family and thanks for sharing this. You write extremely well!


Prashanth M said...

Hats off to you Aunty... will get hold of a copy...

- -