Thursday, June 28, 2007


She is my best friend and my confidante.
She is my partner in crime.
She and I have shared everything.
She and I have burnt gallons of midnight oil - chatting into the night.
She and I have driven people crazy with our giggling.
She and I can carry out entire conversations without speaking a word.
She is bright, witty, cheerful, and very sweet.
She is the one I miss the most, during this time when the Little One has arrived... coz..
She is far far away doing her MS in Stanford University.
She is my little sis P.

And..... At Long Last...She has started a blog!

Go read, but puh-leezzz do come back!


Arni. Vani said...

Hey, Congrats to P.....and welcome to the world of blogging.....look forward to great posts from her.

shruthi said...

Hi shruthi,

MY name is shruthi too... i was gooling meaning of my name as i knew it as "tune" i wanted to know more, i got ur blog there ... its too good to see ur posts shruthi ,i m so glad to see people who think like me today i felt i am not the only one ... ur posts on bangalore , kannada, and ur little baby are too good .... i felt really very good visting your blog .... i dont much about using blogspots so i thought ill leave my comments here... nice meeting you ....

Shruthi said...

Vani, thanks :)

Shruthi, welcome, and glad you liked my blog :) Shruthi doesn't mean "tune" - it means the pitch, or microtone, that is used as the base while singing. It also means "Vedas".

Viky said...

My congratulations to P.

Since my spellchecking liberties are currently for your blog only, and since I don't intend to do it for others at this point of time, can you please let P know that the first word of her second post should be "It's" as in "It's raining" and not "its" as in "its name".

The word "it" is, to my knowledge, the only instance in English language where an ('s) does not indicate belongingness - instead the lack of it does.

bachodi said...

Oh ..OK
First i thought your daughter started blogging already..

Sri Harsha said... your sister got into Stanford ha....good for her. Hmmm...should have missed that on your blog.

Keep blogging!

shruthi said...

oh thank u shruthi for ur rply... wats ur daughter name can i know plz....???

- -