Friday, June 29, 2007

Black Magic

I thought babies were supposed to be attracted by bright colourful things. But the Little One is fascinated by.....Black.

The things that hold her attention - the cordless phone, a black hairband, black clothes, speakers of the music system, black bags, and hair.

When I talk to her, she doesn't look at my face, she looks at my hair, and those of you who know me in person can probably understand why (I have quite a mass of hair). If I want her to look at my face, I have to struggle to tie up my short hair so that it is not visible around my face. Even then, if a couple of wayward strands escape, she looks at those instead of my face.

After a few days, if you show her two photos, one of just my face, and one of just my hair, and ask her where her Amma is, she will point to the photo of my hair.


P.S. Am finally working on replying to the comments on all the previous posts. Apologies for the delay :)


chitra said...

Hey shruti,

She has become colour conscious : matching colours. You might end up having a tough time shopping for her accessories!!!

Best of luck.

Poppins said...

They do see only back and white those first few months you know.. but a totally cute post!

Bit Hawk said...

Real nice post!

Srik said...

Here's some black magic on google!

Open a Google search window. Type "Shruthi" there and click on search.
What you get will be mesemerising...

And probably that is called a blackmagic!!

Way to go Hallucinating Professor!!

chitra said...

Hey.... en gotha? I love black too! Eshtart listing of commonalities...albeit taking into consideration a generation gap ;-)!

sunshine said...

An ardent follower of your blog ever since the come home sometime blog on desipundit. Hey Shruthi, what have you named her?

Maverick said...

welcome ur baby to the world of we balck admirers :), the posts title was kinda (infact very) scary though.

Shruthi said...

Chitra, Gulp, yes!

Poppins, thanks! :) But I thought they can see in colour, but are more attracted to black and white contrasts thats all - check out this link...

Bit hawk, thanks! :)

Srik, hey thats cool! Thanks so much for pointing it out!

Chitra, yeah, but same mental age, anyway! :O

Sunshine, thanks! :) Her name? Mmmm... what is your real name, Sunshine? You tell me, I'll tell you ;))

Maverick, heh heh!

Anu said...

Not surprising. I remember a baby not so long ago who used to talk constantly to two black electrical switches on a white wall in her grandmother's house!

Viky said...

O Kala shah kala!!!
Black is black!!!

Welcome little one, to the league of black! The one colour we all love for its class, for its mystique, for its power!!

No, its actually the fact that black trousers go with almost all the shirts we have!!! ;)

Viky said...

On wilder thoughts, Shru, why don't you try colouring your hair!!! :O

May I suggest a Sivaji blonde???

Anonymous said...

Nice Post Shruti. Black is my favourite colour too! Looks like your little one will grow up to have lots of LBDs in her wardrobe!


Shruti said...

Hi Dear,
Same name with extra H in your name..

Lovely post..

TAke care

Sanjay M said...

tdear Shruthi, today a physiotherapist Sonali was home, and she was telling me to show flash cards of simple geometric shapes in black and white to my kid for a few seconds. And she explained something which reminded me of your post, that kids for 1.5 months (earlier it used to be 3 months) recognize and identify only b&w - jet black and white, as noted by poppins. This is because if you remember biology, we have rods and cones in our eyes. The rods develop first, and then the cones (which can recognize color). For the time being, anything that's gray looks just kind of hazy. Red is the first color they start recognising.

- -