Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fleeting moments

The Little One is a month old today. She has finally stopped looking like an alien, and only occasionally looks like a baby chimp.

Just a month and there has been so much change in her. She was such a non-responsive little being in the first week, who just lay in one place, stared off into space, and cried and slept. She has now become an active, alert child, who holds and follows your gaze, follows the movement of objects, responds with gurgles and smiles, and on the other hand, cries with a vengeance. Her strong little legs kick non-stop, and I have often bore the brunt of the fury of her tiny fists. She goes still when her name is called, and recognizes me when I hold her.

Even as I exult in her every milestone, I watch with awe, the passing of the innocence and helplessness that preceded it. I now know what people mean when they say, "Enjoy your baby, she will grow up very quickly". How true that is.

All I can do is try and capture little moments of her life now before she grows up. It is quite easy, actually. I can capture it all on camera - movement, voice, everything.

But there are some things that can never be captured. The warmth of her cheek as it rests on my arm. The feel of her little fist around my finger. The soft, yet firm push of her feet against my tummy. The nuzzle of her soft mop of hair against my neck.

And the smell. The fresh, adorable, baby smell. The smell that compels you to pick her up and cuddle her.

All there is to do is enjoy every moment with her and live it completely!


Shaji.k said...

Shruthi, Enjoy with your entire being the ecstasy of early motherhood. u will cherish every moment. never lose one instant of it.and do write about it, so we can also vicariously enjoy your bliss.

Viky said...

You know, you dont actually have to keep a book to note when she did something first - you could put it here.

She could read it later and become all misty eyed!!!!

bachodi said...

I am with viky,
You should record "first things" here . Ask her to read it when she's in high school or something .

Amodini said...

Congratulations on your baby ! I still remember the baby smell my kids used to exude when they were littler - just heavenly that aromatic mix of milk and Johnson's baby powder !

Kadalabal said...

Avani is very lucky all this she can read when she starts to read and enjoy all this her mother has done for her wonderful write up and you are enjoying every bit of it and keep going wish happier days ahead


SI said...

So the baby girl's name is "Avani"?
A new and regular reader of your post. Great blog. Keep going.

Mysorean said...

I am just loving reading through these blogposts about your daughter and motherhood. They are so true and so amazing! Keep writing whenever she is asleep that is! ;)

chitra said...

Tue. These moments never return.

at times, my 11 year old son is so consious of my presence, he doesnt like hugs and kisses in the public. At home, he loves sitting on my lap!!

I have already started missing the kid in him , but yes I am getting another friend. He is planning to reply to my latest post. He even replied to that earlier post on "Daddy Dearest". Hm. shruthi, each moment is so precious,. Savour them. Wish you all the best .

Love you.

Pradeep said...

The joy of seeing a child grow up is one thing you should treasure in every way -- one of the beauties of Life.

Shruthi said...

Shaji, Pranesh, Sl, Mysorean, Chitra, thank you! :)

Viky, Bachodi, misty eyed?... or embarrassed? :O

Bachodi, hmmm, yup, can do that!

Amodini, milk and Johnson's baby powder - that's just it! :)) and thanks!

Pradeep, hmm so true!

Viky said...

Keep commenting like this, and I'll make sure she reads the comments too...

- -