Thursday, February 01, 2007

A request from Arun Kumar Bhardwaj - The Ultrarunner

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will remember the Ultrarunner Arun Kumar Bhardwaj.

Here is another message from him, which I am reproducing verbatim.

Dear Shruti,

By the medium of your blog I would like to inform the people that I am going to undertake The Great Delhi to Shimla Ultramarathon, 375+km within 100 hours (in total that means including all the elapsed time)starting on 1st Feb at 2 PM from the India Gate. We are taking the route Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla. The last streth of 70 kms gain an height of 1500 meters, i.e. after Kalka. One of my friend is sharing the expenses of the run (I am again without any sponsorship and please let me take to liberty to use your blog to invite any potential sponsor to come with me in this work of great cause to our mother country). After this run I plan to do a Delhi to Goa, 2100km in 21 days.

- Arun

(“You don’t have to be a runner to appreciate it when someone goes beyond the limits. And when someone runs a hundred or a thousand miles one doesn’t have to be a genius to see that the entire human potential has just been expanded. Such examples give people hope and inspiration to change themselves, to be better, and to expect and strive for something higher, something beyond them. Perhaps, they think, if those guys can run a hundred miles then I can do something worthwhile, I can do something good. The world changes more by deeds then by words.” – Tarak Kauff)

As I post this, he will be running the first marathon. If you, or your organization, would like to support him or sponsor him, please do so.

Here are his contact details once again.

Name: Arun Kumar Bhardwaj
Email :
Cell Phone : +91 9213 964 901
Postal Address: Planning Commission, Parliament Street, New Delhi 110001.

Thank you.


Prashanth M said...

In a countey where Cricket is a religion, all other sports gets ignored :(

All the best, Arun. May the force be with you

Prashanth M said...

spell check, read it as -- "In a country..."

Samudraa said...

isn't it the YT shruti...

Tarun Chandel said...


Got to your page from blogbharti. I am Tarun here, I am planning a Blogcamp in India (Pune), if possible try to make it to it, if not then do try to participate through internet, using Youtube, Slideshare etc.

I have found few other guys who are also very enthusiastic about having a Blogcamp. We are already in process of contacting some good bloggers like you and others on Blogbharti.

The venue will be decided soon, we have few good places in mind. We are already talking to a few people to sponsor food and tshirts, bags and goodies. But all these things are secondary. Success of a Blogcamp is dependent upon it's participants and that is where we are focusing right now.

Do share you thoughts on it.

You can visit our wiki (
We also have our blog (

Tarun Chandel

PS: I know this not the right place to write about Blogcamp, but I couldn't find your contact info from your blog.

praneshachar said...

Even no sponsorors for a man like Arun Kumar Bhardwaj then you can imagine the fate of others who are not so popular. I feel there should be a corpus either with govt. or with a trust with participation and the income from this should be used for all such things.
but lot of big cos., can someone not think of helping such deserving cases it is a pity and I think it can happen only in India

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

Delhi-Simla is successfully completed in 74.37 hours. After starting from India Gate on 1st Feb. at 2.13 PM, 256 kms were covered in 46 hours and the final destination (local bus stand,Shimla) at 4.50 PM on 4th Feb.
I wish to do it some time again in under 65 hours.

- Arun

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praneshachar said...

congratulations to Arun from meand from all of us here in this blog of shruthi. Wish you many more success and ahcievements and hope you will get good support from some sponsorors who can do both finance and publicity. yes you don't neee the second one much now but still if it is done by sponsoror you may get good links
all the best arun

Sachin said...

Shruthi, just wanted to thank you for linking my post on the Mumbai Marathon in Blogbharti!!! :-) Take care...

Shruthi said...

Prashanth, you're so right! In fact, it was on a post that was inspired by this very fact, that Arun commented for the first time.

Samudraa, I'm sorry I didn't understand you - are you asking whether I am a particular Shruthi? If you are, then no, I am not... coz I don't know what YT is :)

Tarun, thanks, we will get back to you.

Praneshachar, wish it was as easy as that!

Arun, congrats!! And all the best to you.

Sachin, my pleasure :)

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Phil Essam said...

Thanks for mentioning Arun's achievements on your blog.



Phil Essam said...

Arun has now started his own blog. It is at:


Shruthi said...

Thank you, Phil!

- -