Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Link Love

There are a million bloggers out there. A few of them are very good, and accordingly, enjoy a large readership. But for every well-known blogger out there, there is an equally good blogger, who for some reason or the other enjoys very little readership.

To set this right, a meme is going around, which asks you to link to those bloggers who you think deserve more readership. I picked it up from Bombay Addict's blog (he has also traced the journey of the meme) - and here I go -

Anitha at Thoughtraker - She does have a dedicated fan following - but I think she deserves much more readership - she writes beautifully.
Usha at Ageless Bonding - Thought-provoking posts about life and people. I never go away from her blog without having gained something.
Raj at Plus Ultra - One of the funniest blogs around.

There are at least half a dozen more I'd like to mention - but either they already have a fair amount of readership, or they don't blog often enough - so I'll stop here.

If you feel likewise about any blogger that you read regularly, please carry this forward. Let's all get to read more good blogs out there!

Also, I have just joined BlogBharti as one of the contributors. What I like about them is that they give preference to the so-called "Z-listers" over "A-listers". Whenever I came across good posts in unknown blogs, I would wish I could link them all on my blog and give them a little publicity - I can conveniently do that now - on BlogBharti.

Most of the blogs of my regular commenters are already on my Blog Radar. But if you come across a good blog, or a good post, on any subject, which you think deserves to be read, please lead me to it. Thank you!


Sandesh said...

try this!

Good read!

Bombay Addict said...

Shruthi - thanks so much for taking this forward !

Bombay Addict said...

And linked ! btw - did you know that Punds also linked up to Anitha ?! Looks like its spreading fast !

me ^^ said...

haha i love how im the "dulhan". love it!

my email address is im dying to hear from you :)

my blog is not profound _at_ all. it's trivial, and as it says, politically incorrect with enough swear words thrown in to make my mum want to disown me. very pg-13 haha.

end of rant/end of cheese

ps: i heart your blog!!

Prashanth M said...

Have been a regular visitor to Thought raker and Ageless bonding.. got to chekc out + ultra... thanks for the link

Usha said...

Hey shruthi, that is a sweet thing to do. I am so happy you feel that way about my posts. In fact that was precisely in this hope that I started the blog.I guess the only way I can say thanks is by taking this forward on my blog.

Shruthi said...

Sandesh, thanks!

Bombay Addict, yes, I did see it after I already linked to Anitha :) I retained it anyway!

me^^, ha ha :D Okay, a mail on the way!

Prashanth, you're welcome! You can carry this forward too, you know!

Usha, thanks, that will be nice!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

yes.. and for really entertaining short stories.. visit this blog

Madhat said...

If I didn't say it already, welcome!

bellur said...

thanks for linking to the MUSIC QUIZ at "Rambling with Bellur".

have a nice time with VIVIDHBHARATHI & BLOG BHARATHI.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why there were so many hits from your blog on mine - now I know!
Thank you Shruthi! That's really nice of you.


chitra said...

I second with Anitha!

chitra said...

I second Anitha's and Raj's blogs! Yet to look at the others though....

Shruthi said...

Escape, hey, thanks a ton! :)

Madhat, thanks ;)

Bellur, ha ha, thanks!

Ano, the pleasure is all mine!

Chitra, yes, and do let me know if you find other good ones!

raj plus said...

Shruthi, thanks for the generous publicity.

And, congrats on joining the Blogbharthi team.

alex said...

What attracted me to your blog was the phrase in blogbharti 'in love with life'.


Great going!

Sureshg said...

and I really enjoyed both thoughtraker and agelessbonding.

thanks for sharing. Your blog is equally good and interesting.

Shruthi said...

Raj plus, my pleasure!

Alex, thanks :))

Sureshg, really glad you enjoyed it! And thank you!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and giving a link at BlogBharti...

- -