Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ruled by machines...

A neighbour dropped in unexpectedly in the evening two days ago. "No cable TV, something wrong - couldn't watch any serial... was feeling bored, so thought of just dropping in to say hi".

My mother's cousin called her last night after ages. "No power since morning - no TV, no radio, no computer... was feeling really bored... so thought I'd just call to say Hi".

My friend called this morning. "Am not able to connect to the internet - don't know what is wrong. That's why I couldn't mail you - so I called you instead."

Now you know why the art of socialization has disappeared.

When machines fail us, we remember human beings.


veena shivanna said...

Ha Ha!!

Also, you may note that if people just drop in or call in without any reason.. people smiles & says.. en samachaara ist doora banbiTTideera or en nanna ist dina aadmele gnaapiskondri :-)
Anyway, it just needs a smile back !

veena said...

BTW, when I really feel bored, I sometime browse my phone book & feel like saying an hello to all my old friends & cousins.
Feeling bored may be due to lazyness alone :-)

scarface said...

good observation!

Bombay Addict said...

Lovely way to put it Shruthi.

Prashanth M said...

nice observation!!

now-a-days we are so much dependent on these machines. I've some collegues who use messenger to communicate with people who just sit next to them. Why not just turn around & have a chat?!

Sandesh said...

Even if that doesnt work we go with books!

Bit Hawk said...

Among tv, radio and computer, computer is the only machine that would help people be in touch with each other. Dont you think so? :)

Shyam said...

:) No TV, no radio, no computer? No problem, got books!

But that's me - I'm usually not the most sociable of persons :) What about you, Shruthi? Books or people, when you're cut off from machines?

Anonymous said...

"When machines fail us, we remember human beings."

silly me! i thought that the telephone is also a "machine" :-). you would only have had your neighbour for company without the telephone (based on your sample set)

- s.b.

LAK said...

Shruti, you're so right. Many years ago, our TV broke down, and the whole family played carroms together--I treasure that time even now! Sometimes when I want show R an interesting mail at home, he says send it to me at work! Grrr!

it doesnt said...

Technology ruins lives. Period.


Vi said...

Love the brevity of the post.

Shruthi said...

Veena, yeah! Or else, "Daari tappibittra?" :)

Scarface, BA, thank you!

Prashanth, I have been guilty of that too!

Sandesh, ah yes!

Bit Hawk, that's the same thing I was thinking when I finished writing this post. Then I realized that I was talking about the "personal touch" :) But yes, in that way, computers are way better!

Shruthi said...

Shyam, err... ummm....usually books :)) Though sometimes, it depends on my mood.

S.B., if you want to be so technical, so be it! Btw, I also talked about "socialization"! ;)

Lak, oh yes, yes, I also remember a few times like that... makes me wonder why we don't just do away with the TV ;)) Maybe then these special times won't be that special! :O And about sending the mail to work, I totally understand R ;)

S, can't we put it as "ruins social lives"??

Vi, :)) is that a hint ;)

Viky said...

I am reminded of a time when we read the gist of the episode in the newspaper columns if there was a power cut.

praneshachar said...

good post it is true peopoe forget friends and relatives in toto and these things have also resulted in less letter writing which use to help people to improve communication skills and handwriting and again waiting for post is a nice experience particularly if you are away from home.
we must not become machines be human beings

Usha said...

How true...we have become slaves to machines already - it is just one step away for them to become the masters! ( Frankenstein's monsters)

M O H A N said...

What a sorry state of affairs and they dont seem to be isolated events even.

Just how entertainment is becoming entrapment!!

Good post.

silkboard said...

nice last line - when machine fails us, we remember humans.

So when human beings fail us, what do we turn to, alcohol !? JK :)

Srik said...

Wonderfully hillarious.
At the same time a dire reality!! :(

What a conclusion : "When machines fail us, we remember human beings."

Prasoon said...

a hi and scraps via orkut are no different esp when its between people who just sit yards away, who have phone numbers exchanged or whatever..

i have seen scraps like - "lunch karne chalein" - "assignment done kya?".. so on and so forth..

machines have definitely changed the way we converse, communicate..

Oracle said...

I had a similar post in my blog about airports.

The medium (Net) has become the message now, sadly!

- -