Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A reco.

I will be back with some posts, but I couldn't resist telling you about this very funny blogger - Raj of Plus Ultra. I have been reading his blog for over a year and he has only been getting better.

It is not that there are no other blogs on my blogroll that are worth mentioning. But the fact is that I feel that considering how good Raj of Plus Ultra is, he is not read by a proportionate number of readers. And when I see some other moderately funny bloggers praised to the skies, I keep saying in my mind, "But you haven't read Plus Ultra!" So I decided to bring the voice out of my head onto my blog -- this is my tiny attempt at publicity for him. And no, he is not giving me any commission for this. Just a fan's attempt to thank someone who always makes her smile!


bellur said...

thanks for introducing us to raj's blog. read a few of them. really hilarious posts. written extremely well. loved VLCC and tendulkar posts.

Srik said...

I have been following him for long as well!!! Just marvellous.

The posts are not only funny, but are hugely bundled with knowledge!!

I call him Raj university.. :)

raj plus said...

Shruthi, I am absolutely delighted that a terrific blogger like you thought it fit to dedicate an entire post on me and recommend to your readers. Thanks so much.

Shyam said...

Good for you - I do that too, when I come across a blog that's extra specially good! :) I like making people laugh, even if it's only secondhand! Thanks for the tip, Shruthi!

Shruthi said...

Bellur, you are welcome!

Srik, you are right! You get to learn a lot too while you are laughing :)

Raj, "terrific"? Wow! :) And the pleasure is entirely mine!

Shyam, yup! I am quite sure I got introduced to some blog thro yours... can't remember which.... a long time ago.... hmmm... hmm..

Manasi said...

Hey thanks! Wonderful blog! :)

chitra said...


namma nadu said...


I wonder if the bloggers meet offline. i can relate to so many stories and was wondering if such a practice is welcome. Do let us know if there is a meeting point (outside these blogs!)


Veena Shivanna said...

Professor that was an ultimate idea! I have to still read the blog.. I am infected already! Lot of blogroll in my head ;-) I will surely check this up sometime soon

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

thnks for introducing this goldmine of humour...raj institute of humorogy..

chitra said...

Hi ,

long time, Hw are you. Once again a thought provoking article by you.

Hm very true ; energy saved is energy gained. When everyone talks of energy shortage, these small measures from us individuals will help the future gen. in the long run.

Shruthi said...

Manasi, :) Isn't it?

Chitra, good, allva?

Bhaskar, yeah occasionally, there are some blogger meets - you just have to keep your eyes open!

Veena, hope you read and liked it!

Param, glad you liked it :)

Chitra, that's true, thank you!

- -