Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan - Broadcast Schedule

The Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan is an annual festival of music, conducted by All India Radio. Every year, since 1954, it has been broadcasting concerts of known and upcoming artistes as part of this festival.

This is something I look forward to each year, a veritable feast for the soul. Every night for about a month in December, I go to sleep with the strains of beautiful music in my ears - and what could be more relaxing?

This year, the broadcast starts on December 2nd, 2006.

Everytime I get comfortable in the feeling that the whole world is getting net-savvy, there comes a rude realization that it is not yet so. An example in the present context is that I couldn't find the Broadcast Schedule of the Sangeet Sammelan anywhere on the net.

I finally found a handbook of AIR, which gives the entire schedule, and as my own little contribution to the music lovers of India, I have typed out the entire schedule, along with the dates, time, and categories.

Do tune in, and hope you enjoy it!


2/12/2006Saturday9.30-11 pmVeena SahasrabuddheVocalH
4/12/2006Monday10-11 pmJayanthi KumareshVeenaK
5/12/2006Tuesday10-11 pmBarun Kumar PalGuitarH
6/12/2006Wednes- day10-11 pmMadhav Gudi VocalH
7/12/2006Thursday10-11 pmTrichur V. RamachandranVocalK
8/12/2006Friday10-11 pmArvind ParikhSitarH
9/12/2006Saturday9.30-10.30 pmAfroz BanoLight Classical VocalH
9/12/2006Saturday10.30-11 pmNissar Hussain KhanTablaH
10/12/2006Sunday10-11 amH.C.VermaVocalH
10/12/2006Sunday11-12 noonNityanand HaldipurFluteH
10/12/2006Sunday9 30 –11 pmKunnakkudi R.VaidyanathanViolinK
11/12/2006Monday10-11 pmVijaya JadhavVocalH
12/12/2006Tuesday10-11 pmRajendra PrasannaFluteH
13/12/2006Wednes- day10-11 pmVishakha HariVocalK
14/12/2006Thursday10-11 pmAlka Deo MarulkarVocalH
15/12/2006Friday10-11 pmAmarnath MishraSitarH
16/12/2006Saturday9 30 – 11 pmN.RamaniFluteK
17/12/2006Sunday9 30 –11 pmUstad Mazhar Ali and Javaad Ali KhanVocal DuetH
18/12/2006Monday10-11 pmNiladri KumarSitarH
19/12/2006Tuesday10-11 pmCheppad A.E Vamanan NamboodiriVocalK
20/12/2006Wednes- day10-11 pmShanti SharmaVocalH
21/12/2006Thursday10-11 pmBasant KabraSarodH
22/12/2006Friday10-11 pmChittoor G.VenkateshanFluteK
23/12/2006Saturday9 30-11 pmAbhayNarayan MallickDhrupad- DhamarH
24/12/2006Sunday10-11 amBharat Bhushan GoswamiSarangiH
24/12/2006Sunday11-12 noonBaldevraj VermaVocalH
24/12/2006Sunday9 30-11 pmN.RavikiranChitraveenaK
25/12/2006Monday10-11 pmMambalam SistersVocalK
26/12/2006Tuesday10-11 pmDinkar PanshikarVocalH
27/12/2006Wednes- day10-11 pmPraveen ShevlikarViolinH
28/12/2006Thursday10-11 pmKalyani LakshminarayanaVeenaK
29/12/2006Friday10-11 pmNisha ParasnisVocalH
30/12/2006Saturday9 30-11 pmBuddhadeb DasguptaSarodH
1/1/2007Monday10-11 pmDesur D.S.D.SelvarathinamNagaswaram K
2/1/2007Tuesday10-11 pmShubhra GuhaVocalH
3/1/2007Wednes- day10-11 pmBahauddin DagarRudraveenaH
4/1/2007Thursday10-11 pmT.V. ShankaranarayanaVocalK
5/1/2007Friday10-11 pmVishwanathVocalH
6/1/2007Saturday9 30 – 10 30 pmSamaresh ChoudhuryVocalH
6/1/2007Saturday10 30-11 pmRadheshyam SharmaPakhawajH
7/1/2007Sunday 9 30-11 pmBombay sistersVocalK
8/1/2007Monday10-11 pmSandipan SamajpatiVocalH
9/1/2007Tuesday10-11 pmSaumitra LahiriSitarH
10/1/2007Wednes- day10-11 pmM. ChandrashekharanViolinK

[Source: All India Radio Booklet (typed out with some corrections).]


Anonymous said...

AM ? FM ? Frequency ?

Srik said...

I hit the bull this time.
Me commenting first. :-)

Thanks Professor for the wonderful effort. I look forward to the magical musical days in the coming month.

usha said...


wow, very informative chart, i look forward to listen whatever i could. Thx

Vani said...

Thanks Shruthi, for that compilation. Now we have something to look forward to for the whole of next month.

BTW is it on the Primary Channel/ Vividh Bharathi / Gyan Vani?

Shruthi said...

Anon, Oh I thought that was a no-brainer! You can listen to it at your local primary station, on AM. I cannot tell you the frequency as it depends on where you live. In Bangalore, you can listen to it on 612 MHz.

Srik, Just missed ;) Hope you find it useful!

Usha, it's my pleasure!

Vani, it is in the local primary station. In Bangalore, it is on 612 MHz.

bellur said...

thanks a ton for taking the trouble to type the list and putting it up here! i have take a print out and going to paste it on my table.
you ought to be given a season pass to attend the special AIR concerts for doing this service!
happy listening
take care

Rajit said...

Hey this is great, I appreciate the effort!

I wish AIR had online streaming broadcasts....but when the schedule is not available online, I guess it would be too much to expect online broadcasts of these recitals....sad

Shruthi said...

Bellur, glad you like it :) As for the season pass, I hope somebody there is listening :)

Rajit, Wow, that would be too good. But I am optimistic.. just a couple of years more, and I am sure AIR will get smart enough to start online broadcasting too :)

Anonymous said...

i can't thank you enough! will be tuned, for sure.


Viky said...

I thought it was Carnatic with a C. Anyway, my knowledge on the matter is very miniscule, so I will not attempt a spellcheck alert.

I have never heard classical enough (at all would be better), but I came across this album - Reincarnation - by Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash, sons of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. They have produced a masterpiece of fusion. The sarod is mellifluously merged with other percussion instruments. Do listen.

Shruthi said...

Ano, My pleasure :)

Viky, does it really matter? C or K? It is a name, after all ;)
As for Amaan and Ayaan, the less said about them the better - good enough for popular music, I guess, but that's it!

chitra said...

Thanks for sharing the same with us. What wd be the frequency of it.

Sujit said...

wow.. thats informative.. now need ot search if it can listened on net for people out of india :)..

Viky said...

Hmm...like Gandhiji said - What's in a name? A rose, by any other name, would smell just as sweet.

I don't know about popular music or such. My music is limited to sufi, earthy music and ghazals. That was my entry into classical, and I liked it. I haven't heard their father either.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Bay Area, California. Any idea how I can tune in? Thanks for any information you can ofer.

Shruthi said...

Sujit, Oh, I don't think that is possible at this point of time!

Viky, heh heh, Gandhiji indeed :D
Tell you what, just tune into the instrumental concerts in the schedule above, whenever you have the time - it should be a good introduction to classical music. If you are really interested, I can recommend some good instrumental music available online too.

Anon, unfortunately, AIR hasn't yet started online broadcasting - as far as I know, you won't be able to listen to these concerts from there :(

Sanket said...

Shruthi, thanks for this. It should be fun. I wish they had more of Dhrupad. It's a great schedule nonetheless.

Shruthi said...

Sanket, That's true, there isn't enough of Dhrupad anywhere, is there?? :(

Anonymous said...

I have indicated to World Space Possibilities if exploring the sammelan as weell as Tana Riri festival at Vadnagar, Gujarat and Tansen Sangeet Samaroh at Gwalior.
But I must say that your contribution is highly valued by me.

Ram said...

In fact I was looking for this complete . It seems you took a lot of pain to compile this information. Thanks for this information.

Anonymous said...

Thans for the info.
I am lsitener of those concerts for many years...
That has inspired me to learn veena.

The soothing muisc of Dec season gives withstand the winter.
Now I am in chennai( native of one village in Karnataka), I do go to conerts.. while coming back to my institute (IIT M) I recall the AIR sammelans.

Research Schloar

Shruthi said...

Ravindra, that was a good effort - I hope it bears fruit! Glad this helped.

Ram, good you found it useful - I am glad to be of help :)

Amrith, that is very nice - to find lovers of classical music like you. All the best with the Veena!

RichHeritage said...
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RichHeritage said...

Friends checkout this link for AIR NP 1st day concert

devashish said...

Similarly can you find schedule of 2007 also? My e mail ID deydevashish@yahoo.com

Sheetal said...

Landed up here looking for the 2007 schedule - any luck with that? Sorry for imposing but it would be a great help :)

Anonymous said...

That would be 612 KHz in Bangalore, not 612 MHz :-)

- -