Thursday, July 13, 2006

Metroblogging Bangalore

I received an invitation to join Metroblogging Bangalore as a contributor. When the invitation came, I was in two minds. One part of my brain said that it would be a good experience, and the other part said, where will you find the time to do justice to posting at two places? [Coz one of the agreements at Metblogs is that you don't crosspost at your own blog!].

But then, the urge to be part of something new won over. Time will find itself somehow, if I am really interested, correct?

So I am now officially a Metroblogger. My profile is here. My first post is just up. Do hop over and have a look at it. And please don't forget to comment away as usual!

If you would like to read only my posts on the site for some inexplicable reason (like if you are my parents), then you could subscribe to just my posts using this in your regular feedreader - "". Or if you look at the sidebar, you will find the links to my latest posts there.

What I need from you, my dear readers, is a load of ideas. Come across anything exciting happening in Bangalore? Drop me a comment. Come across an interesting story, about anything connected with Bangalore? Write me a line. It could be anything at all. If you have posts about Bangalore, do let me know, I could link to them if I am doing a story on a related subject. You could also directly hop out here and suggest a story.

Posting on this blog will continue as usual.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, *cough*, *Ahem* .... good luck :)


RK said...

Congrats Shruthi! Good luck for the future. By the way, I have been the first to comment in your blog. Remember, you were the first to comment in mine!

Hip Grandma said...

i happened to be in Bangalore last november.'was this Bangalore?' i wondered.I first visited the city in 1967 and my periappa made sure that i saw Lal Bagh,Brindavan gardens in mysore and many more such places of tourist interest.Subsequent visits were hurried ones like for a poonal ceremony or marriage.The last visit therefore made me wonder how I hadn't noticed the change.It is not the city but the people who've changed because my brother took me to places of 'his' interest ie. Garuda Mall, Central plaza etc these 10 in 1 places that seem the same to me.but then maybe I am getting on i!n age

travel plaza said...

Congrats Shruti and good luck.

Anonymous said...

that's great, Shruthi! Congrats, and all the best - am sure u'll do great!


Supremus said...

Cool. I havent read a single metroblog yet (maybe 1 or 2perhaps), but i can start with you :D


Shruthi said...

Anon: Cough all you want :D That will do, Thanks a lot! :)

RK: Thank you! I did see your comment, thanks a lot :))

Hip Grandma: Nice name! Bangalore definitely has changed. And it is not you who is getting old... the crowds are getting younger, that's all! :)

Travel Plaza: Thank you! :)

Ano: Thank you! I do hope I do justice to it, though! :)

Suyog: I am honoured! ;) Do start, and please do not stop at one :0

Sujit said...

Congrats!.. that a good start up to write about bangalore!.. I think you can plenty of topics!..

Anonymous said...

Blogging ideas from an Anonymous reader:

Could you please right on couple of topics that are close to my heart.

1) Rude people - Particularly vehicle drivers - on Bangalore roads.

2) People who think that it is a crime to criticize Bangalore for Infrastructure ( actually, lack of it), rude drivers, congestion etc. because people coming from outside of Bangalore have no right to do that!. And these Bangloreans and their aunts and uncles did not bat an eyelid when they went to USA or Mumbai and have no objection in earning mullah there but will not stop putting down those places.

and ..
May be this should be sufficient for now.

chitra said...

Hey...congrats! Ice-cream yaavaaga? :)

Shruthi said...

Anon: Thank you! But maybe these will come under the category of personal opinions, and I don't think it is good to put them in a blog. In fact I have already written about the second point in detail about this blog, and it received a lot of unwanted attention :)
Such posts are usually rants, and are best posted in a personal blog, where, if anybody takes offence, it is only the owner of the blog who is to blame.
But thanks anyway, and keep the ideas coming! :)

Chitra: Thank you! Neenu treat kodisidaaga naanu kodisthini :D

Thejesh GN said...

Welcome to metblogs....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (coward) again:

Another idea for metroblogging;

How about being banned by Indian ISPs since Mumbai mayhem?.

Your blog will not be accessible to lots of people, assuming there are lots of people reading it!!.

Shruthi said...

Thejesh: Thank you! :)

Anon: That has been written about a lot by some very fine people! :) And now it looks like it was all a big mistake, everything might come back to normal!
Hey Anon, don't stop the suggestions - your ideas, even if i cannot implement it directly, might lead to something else!

- -