Sunday, July 09, 2006

An Ice Cream to Remember.

An inspiration. The seed of an idea. Built upon. Tried out with trepidation. Result - Astoundingly delicious.

If you like nuts, and if you like ice-cream, and if you like ice-cream with nuts, here is a very simple, but delicious recipe for you.

Discovered and prepared by none other than S himself.

What you need:

X Scoops of Vanilla Icecream. [X depends entirely on you.]
Tip: Amul icecream is a good choice ! It's tasty, light, and doesn't leave a greasy residue in your mouth.
Nuts of your choice. The more nuts, the better. [Excluding the chefs, of course.]
Tip: Badam and Pista is a great combination. But any kind will do.
Ghee - Just one teaspoon.

How to make it:

1) Break the nuts into sizeable chunks. So that you can easily get your teeth into them.
1a) Prevent predators from putting them in their mouths.
2) Lightly roast the nuts in the ghee, in a shallow pan, just until a maddeningly pleasant aroma rises up.
2a) The aroma will attract more predators. Keep a keen eye on the nuts.
3) Pour the roasted nuts into the icecream, and mix well.
4) Put the resultant gooey mass back into the freezer. Wait for about 15 minutes. Long enough to get the icecream to solidify again, and short enough to ensure that the nuts don't go soggy.
4a) Try hard not to keep opening freezer to see if icecream is ready.
5) Remove frozen icecream from freezer, and serve in glass bowls.[Appearances matter].
6) Gorge.

Very simple, yes. But absolutely scrumptious!!

What distinguishes it from ordinary ice-cream-sprinkled-with-nuts is that the nuts somehow release their flavour into the icecream during the 15-minute freeze. Also, The nuts are large and crunchy, and find their way into your mouth with each divine spoonful. You will find yourself licking the bowl after you finish.

Try it out! And if you like it, please do come back and let me know! And also, please pray that S gets more such brainwaves!


Anonymous said...

Same Old Anon: GOLD!!!

I did something similar sometime back with a slightly different set of ingredients; I used cashews and raisins....roasted them in ghee, mixed it with ice cream just like how u guys did and followed the same process or shoving it into the freezer for 15 - 20 mins.....and the result was absolutely heavenly......

Anu said...

On my way!!!!

RK said...

Buying and reading a book is easy.

Eating Ice-creams made by someone is easier.

Easiest is to just think about the nuts, raisins and ice cream scoops and feel heavenly!

chitra said...

Sighhhhhhhhhh....... my mouth watereth...and slopping all over keyboard :)!

Shruthi said...

Same old anon: Cashews and Raisins is a deadly combination! And since your procedure sounds so similar to ours - I can just imagine.. slurp... how it would be!!

Anu: Yeah, but you know whom to ask :D

RK: Most people would disagree with you on the book part ;) It is simple and it is tasty! Go on, give your son another reason to admire you! :D

Chitra: And thus Chitra's fingers slippeth while typing huh?

Maverick said...

yummmmy ! sounds delicious.... though i dont like many nuts in the icecream,i rather like the small castor chips (im not sure, but whatever they are) which come along the butterscotch flavor.Hope S invents some recepie for me too :)

Viky said...

I always like my icecreams with nuts embedded in them. But we get those JOY icecream loaves, which you can cut like bread.

Another mmmacious thing with nuts: Catch hold of all the dry fruits you get - cashew, almond, raisins, a few groundnuts if you like them, left over copra (finely chopped as in Sankranti ellu), dried anjeers, dried dates (fully wrinkled, also called uth-uthe-kai, seeds separated) and put them all into the mixie with some diamond sugar (Or you can skip this and add boora sugar later). Whirr the mixie till you get a fine powder. Add a few petals of kesar into it.

This powder, with milk, will make you the bestest badam milk you ever had in your life.

On second thoughts, you dont need to make a powder out of it. Just leave it like that on the kitchen shelf, and see the quantity decrease going - coming (hogta barta)

Shruthi said...

Maverick Ohh do you mean the caramel in butterscotch? I love Butterscotch, btw! One of my faves! I hope S can come up with something with that :D I'll let you know for sure!

Viky: That sounds absolutely lipsmacking!! ROFL at going-coming (hogtha-bartha). I know jussst what you mean!! :)
S, did you read this? :D

travel plaza said...

Mmmm yummy! I love icecream and the crunchier, the better. Though I have to agree with Maverick, I just love the caramel clusters in butter scotch.
Love Vicky's coinage of going- coming(hogta-barta) My friends and I used to make up all these 'kanglish' words in school, though I cannot remember most of them now:)

Nirwa said...

Shruthi, try this out

1. 1 cm thick layer of vanilla icecream in a container

2. Sprinkle powdered marie biscuit all over it till not a bit of vanilla icecream shows

3. Repeat this till you fill the container..

*you can try chocolate cookies too

And 15 minutes in fridge, and voila! Heaven! :D


Vj said...

tempting ...

Anonymous said...

serves me right for reading this at 1 in the night - i'm feeling so hungry now, i won't be able to get any sleep - even if i did, i'm sure i'd get scrumptious dreams that would make my tummy rumble! :( :(


Supremus said...

1a) Prevent predators from putting them in their mouths.

-- I have tried it so many times, and I always stop at 1a :). I like Nuts, Ice Cream and Ice-cream with nuts :D

Now another thing I have caught fancy to here is the hot-molten cake here. What is it? It is a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream on top, and hot chocolate dripping through it...umm...yummy, and its also very calorie friendly :D


Maverick said...

hhhmmmm so u call them caramel clusters, next time i go to a cold stone creamery and they ask me wat to add in my plain vanilla ice cream, i know wat to say :-), thx shruthi and travel plaza.

Shruthi said...

Travel Plaza: Yeah :) The same thing translated into English sounds so funny! :D

Nirwa: That sounds fantastic!! Will definitely try that out, and get back to you! :) Thanks!

VJ: You are lucky I did not post the snap :D

Ano: Ha ha! Why 1 pm?? Is that the only time Lil D lets you browse?? :O

Suyog: Noooo! Are you trying to take revenge? :(( It sounds Yummm!!!

Maverick: Sigh! Here's another Coldstone fan! :O

Raj said...

Sounds delicious. Unfortunately, I neither have a fridge nor a kitchen so I guess I'll have to wait till I have both those things or I could just go to Cornerhouse where they serve something very similar. Plus I wont have to lift a finger :)

Shruthi said...

Raj: Oh yes, CornerHouse the saviour is always there, but trust me, it tastes better when you make it yourself :D

Vani said...


Tried Ice Cream your way (with nuts) once with Chocolate Sauce....I can simply say it was the best thing I've ever tasted...

Shruthi said...

Chocolate sauce makes everything so delicious.. sigh!

N said...

I can thik of one more nut, but this nut will just eat up the ice-cream with nuts...
i think there some ice-cream in fridge and lots of nuts (excluding me) YUM...

Shruthi said...

N, you are the biggest nut of all. But actually, when I was talking about "predators", I was thinking about you :D

- -