Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A few links.

Since I am very busy (for a change), I haven't been able to blog at all. So I will leave you with a couple of links.

Anu, on Mysore - this beautifully written post reduced me to tears - with my love for Mysore. And no, this statement does not mean you get the license to crib about Bangalore on this post , coz I still love Bangalore :)

The weekend was very eventful. I have written about the Kannada serial Muktha earlier. When I went in search of info about the serial, I landed here. During the course of discussions, I was drawn into writing daily updates of Muktha here. The regular commenters at this post became so familiar, that we decided we had to meet up. We did meet up last Saturday, and the surprise guest was Mr.T.N.Seetharam himself. (The acclaimed, popular and well-loved director of the serial). I am itching to blog about it. Let's see if I can.

I gotta go now - please don't forget me ;)


Manasi said...

Hmm.... now I know what you look like ;)
Must say my imagination was not far off the mark! :)

Anitha said...

Thats an excellent post on Mysore.

With Mysore developing so fast, I am worried if it would loose its charm soon.


chitra said...

Mr. T. N Seetharam himself in flesh?? Sheesh..karibaardaagitha?

Viky said...

Wow. Read about Mysore, and put a post-length comment on her post.

As usual, thinking of converting it to a post on mine, but I am resisting the urge, lest it become a habit.

CSP awrna noDidraaa? Some ppl have all the luck.

Sri Harsha said...

No we won't.


Shruthi said...

Manasi: And I hope that's a good thing :D

Anitha: I am really worried too!! Hope that doesn't happen ever!

Chitra: It was a surprise for us too!! And I had no idea that you would be interested. Next time for sure :))

Viky: That comment is fantastic. You really should make it a post. It's ok. Last time :D
Yeah all the luck indeed :D

Sri Harsha: Oh thank you.. I am so relieved :D

- -