Monday, June 12, 2006

Weirdness quotient - High.

Anu has tagged me. She wants me to write 5 weird things about myself. Well, I would love to think that I am very sane, but like everybody loves to keep reminding me, I am nowhere near normal. People who know me will most probably have already concluded that 5 points is just not enough to describe my weirdness. My parents, grandparents,aunts, uncles, cousins, friends - they all think I am weird.

Two people who think I am thoroughly weird are S and my sis P. Especially P. She things that I am the weirdest person to have walked the earth. She is just as weird as I am, but no. She is blind to her own weirdness. S and P go off into fits of laughter at any display of my weirdness. If the weirdness comes out when they are together, the laughter of one triggers off the laughter of the other, becomes a chain reaction, and I need to call for a couple of oxygen masks.

Anyway, here's what I personally think is weird about me :

1) I have infinite patience with people who come to me with problems, I can listen to them for any amount of time, and give advice also if required. But if the same people start getting silly/chauvinistic/artificial/snobbish/nosy/etc., I get so
irritated that I can be very very rude, going to the extent of pretending that they don't even exist.

2) I love going to get-togethers and weddings and such events, and I am always in my element, the perfect social animal. but after 3 hours, an inbuilt curfew plays up, and I withdraw into a shell. If I escape before that, I will be fine, but if I am already inside the shell by the time I leave the venue, I need at least 8 hours to recuperate.

3) I love the play of light and shade, and the dance of light on water. I love watching reflections, and I love to watch water in any form. I see beauty in unlikely places, and can spend hours observing all the above, without getting bored.

4) I am crazy about food. I can get lost in thoughts of food, I hallucinate about food. I dream about food. I wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts of food. It is an obsession.

5) Is for you to fill. Go ahead, this is your chance! If you know me personally, you won't have any problem filling this up.[But go easy on the personal details, please :D] If you know me through my blog, I would love to know what impression I have created :). Have fun!

I tag (no compulsion, of course) -

1) Chitra, coz I am sure some of her weird characteristics will be "yuxtremely" similar to mine.

2) Nirwa, coz I myself can name 5 weird things about her - she is that crazy.

3) Sachin, coz he sounds so sane and level headed that I would love to see if he is weird.

4) Ravi, in the hope that at least this way, he will put up a post.

5) YOU.


Nirwa said...

Hahaha - me first! hahaha

And I see the hallucinator (is that a word??) has tagged me! And I shall respond in a while - mom's hallucinating - hahaha


ps - don't comment on my picture please. I get very touchy when someone calls me scary.. I am Maa of bollywood... have a heart! :P

bru said...

goof self assessment. what a wonderful opportunity you have given me shruthi, i will surely write about you . but it needs a lot of time and space. i hope you have patience to wait :)
shall i put it here or you want it to be a seperate confidential mail?

Anu said...

I know, I know! The problem is, there are too many to choose from. OK here is one:
Whoever said "pleasure in a job puts perfection in the work" hadnt met you. You declare that you hate to do some particular thing and groan and crib and when the rest of the family is tearing their hair out worrying on your behalf and think up ways to help you, you go and do an excellent job of it (96% in 2nd PU in the most hated biology exam! chheh. Hair lost by many heads during that time hasnt been recovered till date)

Aditya said...


actually i am new to internet slangs. dose the term "wired" means same as "pitta nettig yerodu"

Aditya B

chitra said...


i wont call u weird but yes, something in your writing grips my attention.

Infectious, you are. i got to subscribe word for a day, enjoying it., and your article on honeymooning all made me think .

And ofcourse, now i sms to all the contests that come in TV and Radio!

Maverick said...

1)moody but for good.
2)ambivert like most normal people.
3)aesthetic, find hundreds more.
4)i actually 'eat' food in the middle of the night.
5)The weird thing is why people feel all those 4 things are weird, gosh u must be living admist weird people which is weird.

just for fun shruthi, though i donno u personally, thought i could have some funny comment(provided they sound funny), hope u dont mind.

Shruthi said...

Nirwa: Trying very very hard not to comment on your pic. *Do not comment, do not comment, do not comment, do not comment.... AAAAARGGGHHHH!!!!*

Bru: Errr... if YOU are going to write, I think it is better you put it in a mail :)

Anu: Ha, that's weird huh? Never thought of it! :D But you are right! Strange!

Aditya: Weird is not really an internet slang - and I think it is best described as "Vichitra"!

Chitra: Ha ha! Weird or not, I certainly seem to be influential! :D

Priyatham: Of course I don't mind :)

Nirwa said...

Mission.. er.. Tag Accomplished! :D

N said...

Weird! hmmm married S

Shruthi said...

Nirwa: Ha ha!! Funny, as expected!! :D

N: Ha ha!!!:))))) Too good!! Watch out! I can't wait to see S' reaction :D

travel plaza said...


Don't know you personally, but I just felt like I had to comment(hope you don't mind). Ever since I found your blog, I haven't been able to stay away from it. Its like a bug. I can't shake it off. You're one of the very few people I know who can draw people to you without even knowing you. I think that's not wierd, but definitely something special:)Keep the good work going.

Shyam said...

Your weird point no.2 is very much me as well :) Other weird points, since you made a general request here:

1. I daydream to the point that sometimes I'm not sure if incidents involving people I know have occurred for real or not.

2. I'm not an artist (or particularly artistic or at all knowledgeable about art) but sometimes when the urge to paint or embroider comes on me, I can do it literally all day till the urge passes.

3. Talking saps my energy - sometimes misunderstandings occur because I cant be bothered to explain my reasoning. (Or maybe I'm just lazy!) But usually I'm a willing and interested listener.


Anonymous said...


anoop said...

since I have a photo-blog where I cant write anything without photos to support it, i will write the 5 weird things about myself over here:
1> I think the traits you mention as weird are not at all weird.
Now, this is something weird about me.
2> Everyone wants to be weird, everyone wants to un-belong, everyone wants to feel special by proclaiming to the world that they are weird, another weird thought of mine.
3> The moment a weird person starts telling the world about his weirdness, he becomes less weird.
4> If a person can express or quantify his weirdness, he ceases to be weird.
5> more weird I think I am, the more i discover how normal I am.

you have left the fifth weird point for your readers to fill in -this itself is your weird quality.

chitra said...

Arrey....naanu entha heLali? Yella neene heLi biTTidyaa? :D :D

Shruthi said...

Travel Plaza: That's very sweet of you to say so! Thank you so much :)))

Shyam: Ohmigosh!! All three of your weird points are mine too!! Especially the first and the third, and more of the third! Phew!! :D

Anon: Great! Let's hear yours!

Anoop: ROFL!! I just loved your list!! :))) And I think there is definitely lots of logic in what you said!
Photos to support your weirdness - now that would be one interesting post! :D

Shruthi said...

Chitra: Ha ha!! :))) Go on, I am sure you will come up with some that I have missed out ;)

Manasi said...

Haha! Didnt know you were weird! ;)

Raj said...

k, since u asked for the readers' opinion, here it is. U come across as really serious thru ur blog. In fact, when u post something like that himesh reshammiya post, I find it weird :)

Inder said...

Your post 'Fit and fine!' was one of the first posts that I happened to come across. I found it very funny. I have this belief - "All funny people are weird". Classic example - Nirwa.

But, when I continued reading your posts, I found you perfectly sane. That was till you last post. Why on earth would someone consider a bizarre tongue twister like 'Floccinaucinihilipilification' as their favourite word? Weird, isn't it??? :P

Kalyan said...

Thanks, I can see the full post in the feed now. :) Weird ??!!

Sri Harsha said...

(5) I keep churning out some of the best posts in the blogosphere.... day in and day out.

U r "weird"!


Shruthi said...

Manasi: Heh heh, you don't know nothin' yet :D

Raj: Oh do I really come across as serious?? :D Now that's weird! :D

Inder: Heh heh, weird indeed :) Weirdness is in the eye of the beholder ;)

Kalyan: Naaah not weird ;) I changed the settings, keeping your suggestion in mind ;)

Harsha: Whoa! What a compliment! Thank you :))

RK said...

All weird people, do visit this blog:

Also, came across in the net that Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC) comes to Austin, Texas on October 12-16, 2006 for a WIRED WEIRD CONFERENCE.

Sachin said...

Shruthi, nice list there! You wanted another weird thing about you to add to the list? Then here goes (this is related to the Shruthi I know through this blog): Whenever I visit your blog, I feel as if you are the hostess welcoming invitees to a big party you have thrown at your home. The part promises to be a fun time along with some introspective sessions with a few select people.

Whoa, that was weird of me!!! Anyway, Shruthi, I accept the tag and will try to finish it asap. Well, need some help here: How do I link your blog into my post, the way you have linked mine in yours?

Btw, glad to see all your weirdness seems to make you nicer!

Shruthi said...

Rk: Thanks for the link. Weird blog, and weird info! ;)

Sachin: Ha ha! That's funny! Never thought of it that way - me hostess and all ;)
My weirdness makes me sound nicer? Now that is weird :D Thanks! Looking fwd to your list.

It is difficult to describe the html code for linking to a blog, in this comment space, coz it is thinking that I am writing wrong code, and not accepting the comment. If you can give me a mail id where I can mail you, I will send u the html code. Else you can view the source code on my blog - and scroll down to Sachin. You will be able to see how I have linked to you.
Let me know if you get it.

Sachin said...

Shruthi, you can find me at Thanks for the help!

bru said...

do you think so N? but dont you think the reverse is also true? ;)

and shruthi is weird because:

she buys tens of dresses for her sis without caring for the price tag, but considers it` too expensive' when it comes to her own wardrobe (even when she herself is in dire need of good dresses)!

And she is ready to support chandru's (maid's son) education, (good ofcourse), but doesnt spend for her own needs....

Isnt `weird' too mild a word? yeah, `crackpot' will do. :)

Shruthi said...

Sachin: Hope you got it now?

Bru: That's not weird, I think that's plain stupid :D

- -