Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 30 - Shivanasamudram

We'd been to Shivanasamudram on Monday.  Puttachi hadn't seen waterfalls, and I knew she would like it.

There are two falls there, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. (Such musical names, no?)  Till Monday, I thought that Gaganachukki and Bharachukki were two segments of the same falls.  But turns out that there are two separate waterfalls 12 km away from each other.  


Bharachukki from a higher point.

Gaganachukki also has a hydel station, which was the first in India, established in, I think 1902.  Bangalore was the first city in India to be electrified, thanks to these falls.


The other segment of Gaganachukki

We'd been to the hydel station when I was a kid.  I remember the thrill of going down the slope in the trolley, but I don't remember much else. I get it confused with images of the other hydel stations I've been to later, as an adult. 

 Now there is also a solar power plant set up by BHEL in Gaganachukki.

Hydel station

Quite breathtaking in terms of volume.  Worth a visit in the monsoons.  It is about 135 km from Bangalore, 77 km from Mysore.


Anu said...

OMG! I had a dejavu moment when I read this! I wrote an almost exactly similar post around the same time last year -
And we too used to think that Gaganachukki and Bharachukki are two wings of the same waterfall and were completely surprised to discover that Bharachukki was a separate waterfall altogether! :)

Aarthi said...

Nature is always so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hope to go there sometime

shreya said...

What an awesome view. Loved the natures call. will definitely visit there shortly...

- -