Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 13 - A pleasant change

We'd been to a six-year-old girl's birthday party today.  For a change, it wasn't a Disney princess or Barbie or Dora party.  There was no pink, no purple.  There was no cutesy stuff.  No frilly frocks.  No little girls wearing uncomfortable, shiny, toe-pinching, high-heeled shoes.

It was a football-themed party.  The kids were asked to go in comfortable shoes.  Which translated to comfortable clothes.  So the kids looked like they had come out to play in the park.  They kicked footballs, ran around, and jumped up and down, and scored goals.  Even the cake was a football-field cake.

And remember, it was a little girl's party. Such a pleasant change.  And the girls were behaving just like little girls, like this ad.

Come on, parents of little girls, get more creative in your choice of themes!  There is life beyond princesses and fairies and Barbies and Dora!


Aarthi said...

Refreshing. We went to a party where an entertainer was called. He entertained the kids by blowing huge soap bubbles and later the kids made their own. That was so creative!

Shruthi said...

That's so cool. Can't think of anything more fun than bubbles at a party.

parijata said...

Well, Dora is at least an explorer. Any day, I'd prefer Dora to Barbie.

- -