Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 26 - My grandparents' notepad

I'm in Mysore, in my grandparents' place.  I just saw this notepad that they've made.  Scraps of paper, the back of printed sheets, and the empty spaces behind advertisement pamphlets - they have cut them into pieces of approx the same size, and clipped them together.  They use this to write their lists, make notes - and note down Scrabble scores.

Yes, those numbers in my grandfather's neat handwriting is the score in one of the innumerable Scrabble games they play with each other.  And they are amazingly serious and competitive about each game.  They even have a fat dictionary on hand which they use to see if a certain word exists, and to cross-check if the other makes an unusual word.

Back to the notepad - saving resources like paper comes so naturally to them.  I find it so cute. I also use scraps of paper to write my lists, but my Tata and Ajji have elevated that to an art by making that neat makeshift clip pad. 


Sanjay Mysoremutt said...

Prof JRL got a new fan. What an amazing biography

Shruthi said...

Sanjay, I think so too!

Anil Jagalur said...

We were a no garbage society once, practically. With affluence comes effluence?

About scrabble, a friend visited them recently and reported to me that they were playing scrabble when he went there. He had tears in his because of nostalgia (he used to play with them too), the togetherness over 6+ decades.

- -