Sunday, June 02, 2013

Day 3 - Storybook Me

Storybook Me is a non-profit organization that creates personalized storybooks for underprivileged children. It is the brainchild of 18-year-old Sanjana Tadepalli.  They had called for volunteer writers and illustrators for their first set of books, and I offered to write a story for them.

I was paired with an illustrator, and one child was allotted to us.  We never met the child, but were given details about her - her picture, her likes, her fears, her dreams.... Based on this, I came up with a story featuring the child, who gets to do in the book what she actually would like to do.  Then the illustrator, Manoj Nath, created the pictures.  I received a copy of the book a couple of weeks ago, and I must say it is very well-produced.  Good paper, clear print, even a glossary at the end for difficult words.  And finally, a photoshopped picture of the child with her favourite movie star, who makes an appearance in the story too! :)

The books were handed out to the children last month, and we were told that we would be sent links to the video.  I am looking forward to that, and will update this post with it.

Here are a few pictures:

The cover:

Loved the detailed illustrations by Manoj Nath.

Writer and Illustrator Bios.

No, this is not a book you'll be able to buy - there are just a handful of copies for all the, shall we say, stakeholders?

Such a good idea, isn't it, to make children feel special?

(This post is part of my one-post-a-day effort for the month of June.)


rk bellur said...

illustrations are colourful and nice.

Radhika said...

Would love to read the story. Please see if you can share the story on your blog.

Anonymous said...

You are such a kind hearted person.Can't wait to read the story with such lovely illustrations. Hope we get to read it soon.

Shruthi said...

Thanks, Bellur.

Radhika, let's see what I can do - I can't share it on the blog, though.

Anon, thanks, but this is such a small thing - there is so much more that can be done....

Aditi said...

Hats off to Sanjana...what an idea and that too at her age!! God Bless!!

I am sure your story will bring a smile to Varsha's face and many more like her!! Keep writing and spreading :)

- -