Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 15 - Half asleep

Whew, this day nearly got away from me!

Been on my toes since morning, except for some time sitting in a car, which, I can tell you, isn't too pleasant in Bangalore.

Finally, the day is done, and I am half asleep, and every bit of me wants to curl up with a book, and then go to bed.  [sidenote - anybody else out there who thinks that one of the sweetest moments in life is to sit in bed with a good book just before bedtime, listening to the patter of rain outside?]

But yet, here I am, writing this, hoping I am making sense, and wondering why, when I set my mind to it, I can make the time for anything even in the most uncomfortable of circumstances.  Well, I guess one needs to have a project worth being committed to.

This was one of the reasons I set myself this challenge.  To see whether I could keep this up even when I can hardly move my fingers across the keyboard.


Radhika said...

Appreciate your determination Shruthi!

Anonymous said...

Good going! You're half-way there. As they used to write in school reports: Keep it up! :)

PP said...

boring..:( I want to know why you are tired, where did you go in the car and why you were on your toes since morning! ;)

Shruthi said...

Radhika, thanks!

Ano, I know, right? And thanks :)

PP, ha ha! And I thought it would be boring if I told you what I had been up to!

Clenia Gigi said...

So far you are doing pretty good!
Maybe I should do this too....sometimes I forget I have a blog...well I still write, but I just dont post anything.
Good luck to you! 2 more weeks to go.
Clenia Gigi

rk bellur said...


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