Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 12 - An atypical day

Today has been, so far, a very different day.  For one, after dropping Puttachi off at school, I decided to - dust.  There, that should tell you.  And since the day had anyway started off on a tangent, I decided to just go where it took me.  So, apparently this was a day when I wanted to watch television, and potter around the house doing nothing. So that's what I did.

Today was different in another respect - that I had nothing ready for lunch.  This doesn't ever happen, and so while I was lazing about, I was vaguely wondering what to cook for lunch.  And then, serendipity - this post made me decide - what's good for breakfast is good for lunch.  So lunch was ready in five minutes.

Just as I was feeling a little guilty about "wasting" my day, this article came by - "Why Can't I be a Housewife?"   Read it, please do, especially if you are a housewife/homemaker who is battling with people, or with yourself about wasting your life, your education, and not having any ambition.
But ambition is not necessarily a virtue that needs to be solely linked to a career. Aspiring to become a better mother, a better cook or a better friend is also being ambitious. The competition really needs to be with you, not with anyone else. Are you a better person today than you were yesterday? That is ambition to me.
Reminded me of this ridiculous article by Chetan Bhagat on why men should have working wives.  And this great response to it.

I think everyone needs a day like this (or half a day) when you absolutely do not have to be responsible for anything, and have no pressing duties to perform, and just go where the day takes you. Refreshing.

This day of mine would perhaps not have taken me to the laptop had it not been for this challenge.

Now, let me go back to doing nothing - for another hour, until Puttachi comes back from school.


nagraj said...

You must be exhausted doing nothing-So,RELAX.:).

Shruthi said...

Oh yes, I was so exhausted, I slept very well :)

- -