Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thank you, food bloggers!

I love variety in food.  And since I am the cook at home, it falls upon me to provide my taste buds the varied tastes it craves. 

I am always looking for different ways to cook every vegetable.  And there are only so many recipe books one can buy.  So I turn to that saviour of all info-seekers - the internet.

It is unbelievable how many food bloggers are out there.  How many of them take the time and effort to chronicle their efforts in the kitchen and put them out there for everybody to see! 

Whenever I find myself tired of eating a vegetable in all the ways I can cook it, I just run a google search with " recipes"  and then I sit back and survey the endless recipes that turn up.  Sometimes I enter searches with the name of the vegetable in all languages I know.

It takes me an average of five minutes to zero in on a recipe that is:
- quite different from anything I've made.
- simple
- quick

Sometimes, I make drastic changes in the recipe - for example, I add lentils to a curry recipe to make it suit nutritional requirements, sometimes I add some other vegetable that I feel might go well with that one.

So far, the result has been at worst, palatable, and at best, delicious.  For every five dishes I make this way, one turns out to be a hit, and enters our regular menu.

Sometimes, if I have a hunch that a vegetable can be cooked in a certain way, I give a specific google search. For example, something made me think that dosas made from raw bananas might taste good, so I gave a "Baalekayi dose" search, found many recipes, chose one, and that turned out to be yum.

I really admire the patience food bloggers have.  I am a person whose sole aim is to dash into the kitchen, drum up a healthy, tasty meal in the least possible time, and then dash out, and get on with life.  So I cannot understand how someone can have the patience to make a dish, and instead of running out of the kitchen after that, transfer the dish into attractive bowls, take photos, upload the photos, write down those recipes with the correct measurements...phew!

I know the effort it takes because I have seen my mom work on her food blog with so much interest. 

Every time I like a recipe, I think of going back to the blog and leaving a comment on the site, thanking the blogger.  But I never do get around to doing that.  So here's thanking all you food bloggers out there for sharing your recipes with the rest of the world.  Thanks for making eating more interesting for me.


Sumana said...

Lol very true, i do that too. My probability, let me be frank turns out to be 1/10 in terms of delicious and liked by kids as well.

Aarthi said...
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Aarthi said...


Gosh how many times I have thanked the food bloggers in my heart... A partof life becomes so interesting because of the efforts of so many bloggers.

Shruthi said...

Sumana, yet, the fact that we made ten different varieties is itself nice, right? Good change from the usual :)

Aarthi, perhaps its time to go back and start thanking those bloggers, what say? :)


i wonder where do u get all the energy and time from shruti akka???? You love cooking, you love writing, you are with puttachi throughout the day, you have started photograpy.. and what not.. Just too good :) Kudos!!

- -