Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What to do this summer

Puttachi is mighty kicked that her vacation is starting in a month.  And she is going into overdrive planning how she'll spend her days.  So I asked her to sit down and make a list of what she wants to do, and she came up with this, and stuck it on the refrigerator.

This is the first time she's written so much at one go.  And I find this a fascinating study, because she hasn't yet started full-fledged reading, and has written all this just by applying her knowledge of phonics to how she hears words being said.  All the "ing" words are "yg" to her, and I find that both funny and interesting.

Anyway, here's what she's written, and what she actually meant. :)

1. Fygar Papet   - Finger puppet
2. Klot-Dol    - Cloth Doll
3. Kards    - Cards (as in making greeting cards)
4. Kookyg    - Cooking
5. Lanyg Musik    - Learning Music
6. Dans 2 Musik    - Dance to Music (The 2 for "to" is hers - does sms language come naturally?  shudder!)
7. Bakyg-kake-mafins-bred-kookys     - Baking - cake, muffins, bread, cookies
8. Ebroydry    - Embroidery
9. Patyg    - Painting
10. Droyg    - Drawing
11. Groyg plants - Tomato    - Growing plants-tomato.
12. Rark - spots    - Park-sports
13. Lan Kanda    - Learn Kannada (she wants to learn the Kannada alphabet)
14. Rydyg    - Reading
15. Rityg    - Writing
16. Telyg Storys    - Telling stories


Anonymous said...

Hehe... reminds me of Welsh words, with all those Ys and Gs together! :D BTW - I deciphered most of them!

Shruthi Mahesh said...

Awww... i reelly <3 ur daughter! Hope all her endeavors r fulfilled n all her wishes come true :)

Aarthi said...

Ofcourse everyperson is unique and she will blossom into a beautiful human being but this list makes me feel like she is a miniature version of you.

PeeVee said...

Hahahahahahaha :D I love "droyg" and "groyg" hahahaha :D Cutie pie.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Looks like a fun and busy summer's ahead!


parijata said...

That is really really cute!
Now, thanks to Puttachi I have some ideas on what to do with my kids during their vacation :)

CC said...


Radhika said...

Loved it! Cooking and embroidery for the 4 year old! Hope summer camp organizers won't steel the idea from Puttachi!

Rajavel said...

Stunning !

shirin goel said...

good perception...

Abhipraya said...

:) It is such a joy to see her growing up Shruthi. We are drawing up our own list here too :)

Chitra said...

That's the cutest 'little' list I have ever seen!

Shruthi said...

Shruthi, aww, thank you :)

Aarthi, ha ha! at least physically, she sure is a miniature of her father!

Peevee, ha ha :)

Ano, let's see how much time we spend in "otlafying"

Parijata, I'm glad! I could use some suggestions too!


Radhika, :))

Abhipraya, suggestions from your list welcome!

Rajavel, Shirin, Chitra, thanks :)

anoop said...

I really think that the 'yg' for 'ing' is because of a peculiar accented teacher in her class, you know what i mean!! :p

its really cute, the last update i read about her, she had begun to speak, now she has taken to her mother and started to write! in the genes i suppose.

- -