Monday, March 26, 2012

Jacaranda, Pongamia, Copperpod and Gulmohar

Jacaranda is quite distinctive - it is difficult to miss these flowers. They stay on the tree for a very long time. And they totally transform even the surroundings of the tree. The carpet of mauve flowers is particularly pretty.

Pongamia (Honge) is one of the prettiest of trees. Thick foliage, with all the leaves pointing downwards, there are some lovely specimens I can see on the roads. This is a relatively small tree, and not the best-looking one. In the breeze, these leaves ripple so gently. Mesmerizing.

Small flowers of the honge tree. They have a beautiful fragrance, and right now, the ground underneath these trees are covered with these little blossoms.

The copper pod tree with little yellow flowers and the distinctive copper-coloured pods. Very tall trees. And there are so many of them around. These trees are also planted to line roads, as I have observed. They are all in bloom now, and again, the ground underneath these trees is practically covered with these yellow blossoms.

 The gulmohar has just started blooming. In just a few weeks, all the gulmohar trees will be ablaze with scarlet. These are the early ones.
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