Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The UK Files - Spring in England

My aunt saw my last post and complained about it - that she has such a lovely garden, and all I post are pictures of bare trees.

Anu Mausi, this one's for you!

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praneshachar said...

full lush green, your aunt's complaint is genuine and you have now done it back. but when u posted u wanted to show the change taking place from one season to another any how nice to see so much of lush green green green all ways

sandhya said...

I remember when I reached England it was early February and still winter. there was snow and ice everywhere, and all trees were bare. When we reached the house that we had rented, there was a bunch of flowers in a vase. I was surprised, but the landlady told me they were early crocuses.
And the riot of colours even in the wild in spring and summer-fabulous!

Shruthi said...

Praneshachar, yes, a well-maintained garden is a fabulous sight.

Sandhya, wow, that must have been lovely - an unexpected bit of colour!

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