Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sins against Gender stereotypes

I know that everybody has done this tag and passed on to other things, but since RajK and Dhanya tagged me, here goes:

My sins against Gender stereotypes.:

Disclaimer: I think the lines have been blurred now, and many things that were considered masculine when I was a child aren't so any longer, and vice versa. Of course, there are thousands of other things that weren't considered feminine even about 50 years ago, which we don't think twice about doing now. So I'm going to let all that go, and make my list - of what I remember. (I'm suffering from severe memory loss these days)

1) I hate shopping. Enough said.
2) I dislike going to the parlour. But I go anyway.
3) I don't like jewellery on myself, or dressing up or making myself up. I feel like I've entered someone else's body.
4) I studied MTech in Energy Engg, which was apparently such a male field that Energy companies that came on campus for recruitment wouldn't even consider female applicants.
5) That didn't stop me from travelling alone with my male classmates to industries in different, isolated towns.
6)... and wear helmets and climb ladders to take energy efficiency measurements from burning boilers.
7) I don't set great store on celebrating my birthdays and anniversaries. S~ and I completed 5 years of marriage this week, and I didn't even remember that it was our anniversary. Ordinarily, once you reach the month of the anniversary, you are aware that a special day is coming up, even if you forget it on that very day. I didn't even remember that.
8) I once shocked my Township by insisting on shaking hands with the chief guest who was distributing prizes. He was shaking hands with all the men, but not with the women. Some silly Victorian rule, I tell you. I was a teenager, who liked handshakes, and so I shook his hand. Tongues wagged.
9) I prefer to listen in and participate in the conversations of men in a mixed gathering. I gravitate towards the men sometimes, but unfortunately, there are higher instances of when I stay with the women out of a sense of propriety. Indeed, there was a time when I preferred the company of men to women.
10) I've never shirked from physical labour, often being the one to move benches and lift heavy things while organizing things in school/college.
11) I don't like speaking on the phone for longer than 5 min. That is my limit.


lostworld said...

First time here..came from Mindful Meanderer :) Shaking hands with the chief guest was a funny one. The way you've listed points to the 'T' also lean towards male tendencies :D

Manish'sMom said...

I can change a flat Tyre of a car in a jiffy, but prefer not to cook :)
I love Metallica, Linkin Park and Jon Bonjovi.

I understand the stock market and love to gamble :)

I drive better than most of the men I know.

I do not know the different types of saris, clothes or jewelery trends prevailing at the moment. But I do know which vehicle has the best torque in its segment.

I hate chatting on the phone.Its sooo not me.

I like to shop alone, preferably in a single shop and I usually know exactly what I want to buy.

Dislike social gatherings of any kind.
And I played cricket for Karnataka, South zone and rest of India :)shocking many prospective grooms out of their sparrow sized wits who thought I would be a misfit into the so called world of "domestic bliss"!

And here I am several years on, a mother; and the ONLY one in my large circle friends and relatives still living in a joint family!


Dhanya said...

Nice list Shruthi and many thanks for taking it up. After reading all these SAG list I feel all of us are solid sinners and mostly for the same reasons ;)

Anonymous said...

MTech in Energy Engg .. Hmm.

praneshachar said...

That's Shruthi what you are and what you wanted to convey are very very clear. You have got full clarity in what ever you do. It very difficult for many to take decision, to express what you want, but u r one who will do it and always u r on right side. have great day shruthi. very optly answered tag

starry eyed said...

Love the list...totally agree with 8 and 9. I mean, I love listening to interesting conversations (and participating too), and sometimes the women's talk of recipes and kids schools is more than I can handle, so I enjoy chatting with men too! But yeah, it's considered scandalous :(

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

accepted the tag from Dhanya

Shruthi said...

Lostworld, heh :) Hadn't thought of that.

Manish's mom, that was A FAB LIST!! You're the greatest sinner out there ;) and I got to know so much about you via this!

Dhanya, I also noticed many common points on our lists!

Bachodi, so what does that mean>? :)

Praneshachar, thank you.

Starry, so unfair, no?

- -