Thursday, July 22, 2010

School update (after 2 months)

Nearly two months after Puttachi started school, she is well-settled. Apparently, she cried from time to time during the first month, but not any more. She likes going to school, fussing only on rainy mornings when even I feel like chucking everything and curling up to go back to sleep.

When she gets back, she is bursting to tell me what she did, what they learnt, what so-and-so said, and what X did to Y, and of course, what snacks they were given, and how many helpings she took. (Yes, she takes multiple helpings!)

She is full of news about her classmates, telling me in detail who sits where, and who wears her hair in ponytails and who doesn't. I had no idea kids chat - after all, what can a bunch of three-year-olds talk about? But apparently, they do, because she tells me what each of her friends said to her.

Since I speak to her only in Kannada at home, there was a time when I worried slightly that she would have a problem at school. I feel so silly now. Not even two months have passed and she has picked up so much English that I would've found it impossible to believe it had I not seen it myself.

Thanks to school, she is obsessed with colouring. She doesn't want to eat, sleep, or go to the toilet or do anything else, but colour. A friendly autorickshaw guy said to her yesterday, "Child, study well, okay?" She got down and told me, "Amma, I will study well, but I will also draw and colour, okay?"

Looks like she's having a wonderful time at school, and I only hope this lasts for the entire duration of her education!


Dhanya said...

The cute updates are here again :)
Why don't u put her drawings also here if you are comfortable? I know u value privacy very much just that we r too eager to see :)

praneshachar said...

lovely days for puttachi at school after initial small hicups. on a rainy day even for us it is very difficult what about poor little girl. let her enjoy school, study colour draw chat eat and tell what she did. wonderful shruthi keep these updates posted I love to read them so also many who are regular here.
lots and lots of love to puttachi from my end

bachodi said...

What do you want her to be ? Engineer or doctor ? :-)

hAAthi said...

so wonderful!
gosh, how time flies..

starry eyed said...

and I hope Dhruv is not one of the X's doing whatever to any of the Y's :P

Lovely to read that she's enjoying herself!

Shruthi said...

Dhanya, I could do that!

Praneshachar, thank you!

Bachodi, I want her to be happy ;) (Runs from terrible cliche - terrible but true!)

hAAthi, oh doesn't it!

Starry-eyed, ha ha, I doubt it! His name isn't familiar to her, and that says a lot ;)

- -