Friday, May 29, 2009

Get this!

Here are a few pieces of conversations.

X and Y have just finished breakfast and there are crumbs on the floor. X looks around, and sees that the room is dirty.

X: Y, please sweep the room.
Y: I will, X, just after I finish reading the newspaper.
X: No, clean it first, and then read the newspaper.
Y: No, I won't. Please don't bother me.
X: Now! Do it now!
Y: Don't force me! It's my life! (But gets up anyway to sweep the room.)


Y comes out dressed in a salwar-kurta.

X: Where is the dupatta?
Y: This dress doesn't have a dupatta.
X: Wear a dupatta.
Y: No, I won't. This dress doesn't need a dupatta, see?
X: Wear a dupatta! Wear a dupatta! Wear it!!!


Y goes out of the room without switching off the light.

X: Ohhooo, you haven't switched off the light, Y!


Y gets up to go out of the room, and leaves the cushion crooked.

X: Again you left your cushion crooked. It's alright. I will set it right for you.


Ok. Now get this. X is Puttachi, and I am Y. Honest.

I have my very own Moral Police and Mother Hen - rolled into one small, authoritative human.


A journey called Life said...

hahaha so cute.. way to go Puttachi

Collection Of Stars said...

LoL! She is a smart cookie :)

Anamika said...

Nah, I don't believe you! I mean, really? She orders you to sweep rooms and wear dupattas? Man! How old is she?

Devaki said...

Haha!!! You had us there... I was so sure you were talking about your husband and yourself, had even started coming up with similar conversations in our homes... and then - wham! Puttachi??? She is one smart cookie na? Unbelievable!

Usha said...

She notices so much already? Get a full time job NOW!!!

Adu said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :)

Sushma said...


Dhanya said...

Cute Puttachi :)
I guess kids have that prim n proper ways.. My mom used to say I was like that when I was small n she looks at me now n wonders what happened to that baby :P

8&20 said...

Speechless with adoration :). I can't wait to see her.

And you of course :D.

Anonymous said...

This is funny....looks like she does not take after you with this respect :))..hahaha

Sanjay M said...

just couldn't have imagined it was her of all people! incredibly cooool :))

Yamuna said...

wow.. she's damn cute.

praneshachar said...

cho chweeet u r way of putting all conversation in and posting capablities are superb very few will have this gr8 gr8
first few lines I was taken on wrong path thinking itwas S and S but inner
thiniking was saying why u r forgetting puttachi it is she who rollos the roast not the Ss anymore
gre8 gr8 treat

Swati said...

cannot believe this :-O

Manish'sMom said...

Awesome! My little Hitler also constantly orders me around!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shruti, I happened to come across your blog by chance and very glad that I did.

I spent most of my time yesterday reading your posts all day !

You are so honest and utterly passionate about everything you write - be it Puttachi, your family, childhood memories..anything.

Needless to say, I have fallen in love with your Puttachi ( she already has a fan base, I suppose!)
and wish her loads of happiness, love and laughter all along.

I'll definitely keep coming back.

You rock!

Shark said...

Oh my god! I don't beleive this! This sounds too much like a husband and wife conversation ;-)!

Bhargav said... have some talent!! It was nice reading the the conversation and finally getting to know that it was not S!

- -