Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The First Sketch?

Puttachi called out to me to show me what she had drawn, and said, "Nodu Amma, Chandamama!" [Look, Amma, Moon Uncle!]

And for the first time, what she had drawn did look like what she said she had drawn ;)

Now what I am not sure of is - whether she did intend to draw a moon and succeeded, or whether she just did a squiggle and realized that it looked like the moon. I tried to get her to draw it again, but she was not interested. She had moved on to other important matters.
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Inder said...

mission accomplished not to be repeated :)

Nithin said...

Is that a magnetic Board...

Slateu balapa idhre chennagirodhu...

Jaanamari's appa said...

Indeed with some scope for artistic license, indeed it does look like Chandamama with some clouds! :) Recently Abhinav had drawn a spiral squiggle and first time he gave a name to it 'jinke idu' - 'this is a deer' (maybe he meant the DNA strand of a deer ;) ) Hmm then this Chandamama-day might not be too far off.

Jaanamari's appa said...

ps: or maybe that's her signature at the bottom of the moon

B o o said...

Ahh.. I loved this stage. Where they squiggle and then interpret what it is. Shes going to amaze you with her interpretation, Shruthi. Just wait and watch! :)

Yamuna said...

Looks like some one is carrying the moon. Onerous task. :)

Raj said...

With the latest one, the number of posts with tag "Puttachi" is 73, one more than the posts with tag "opinion" which number 72. That's what parenting entails. Your own opinion slowly becomes subordinate to your parenting instinct:)

Gita said...

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