Thursday, January 19, 2006

Things that make me go "Grrrrr"

...In no particular order of irritation

1) People who sing off-key, but think they sing very well. They screech along loudly to a beautiful song right into my ear. It makes my knees shake, my stomach lurch, I hear a strange sort of ringing deep in my ears, and tears prick my eyes. I love music and cannot bear anybody murdering a good song.

2) Dirty toilets, that look like somebody just had a bath in there. On top of it, when I go in, take utmost care to avoid all the mess, make sure that I don't add to it, and come out, the next person to go in darts a dirty look at me, as if I made the mess.

3) People with stale jokes about cooking. If I say I made laddoos, they go, "How many hammers did you need to break them?". If I say "I cooked last night's dinner", they say, "Are your family members alive today?". They might be funny at first, but they get very irritating with time!

4) Insensitive and childish people. When I say "Oh no, it is already time for the first bus, and I just have to finish testing this! I will have to take the second bus home!", they say "Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya.. I am going ho-oo-ooome!" I think it is terribly childish.

5) People who assume that since you are a girl, you cannot lift heavy things, and should love gossipping, and should buy lots of clothes and should know how to draw rangolis.

6) People who assume that I am a sissy who cannot live without her husband just because I'd rather spend a quiet, quality day with the hubby, rather than go to some silly movie with sillier people.

7) People who love to probe and ask me "Any good news?? *wink wink*" (for the uninitiated, that just means whether I am going to have a baby) just because I happen to be married.

8) People who look at me with the utmost sympathy when I tell them that hubby did not gift me anything for my birthday. I have an exclusive post on this

9) a) People in huge cars who spit out of the window or throw garbage out.
b) People who do not litter the streets when they go abroad but think nothing about doing the same thing here.

10) People who say "I hate books" without having read even a single one.

11) People who say "I hate that kind of music" without having listened to it, or having tried to understand it.

12) People who say "I hate it" to anything, without having tried it.

13) People who listen to a song, read a book, or taste a dish, and say "It is horrible! How can you like it?" Say, "I don't like it". Period.

14) Fanatics.

15) Narrow-minded people.

16) People who indulge in the indiscriminate bashing of the city that houses, clothes and feeds them.

17) People who indulge in the indiscriminate bashing of the people and language of the city that houses, clothes and feeds them.

18) Girls who think that marrying and becoming a baby-producing machine is the only thing worth living for.

19) Girls who think that you don't need to dress up and look after your body once you are married (read "snared a guy").

20) Girls who attain the holier-than-thou look immediately after they attain the Mangalsutra.

21) Saas-bahu serials.

22) Vamps in saas-bahu serials.

23) The goody-goody goddess-like ladies speaking about "sanskaar" (culture) in honey tones in saas-bahu serials.

24) People who don't look at you when speaking to you.

25) People who have zero general knowledge.

26) People who have zero sense of humour.

27) People who do not know how to have fun and enjoy themselves.

28) People who ask me with (fake) concern why I have lost so much weight, making sure to add "after you got married". What is with the theory that women put on weight after marriage? In my case, I was a sleeping and eating lazybum, and the hubby, being a fitness freak, is making me run around, and hence I have lost some of the extra fat, and am proud to look slimmer and trimmer. And here are people sympathizing with me. Any amount of explanations fall on deaf ears. So I have just started saying, "Oh, what can I do? My hubby beats me and starves me". That shuts them up for a while.

Aaaaah! That was therapeutic! (Now I sound like Oprah)

To compensate for this rant, I need to come up with a list of Things that make me go "Mmmm"! :) Very soon, very soon!


Raj said...

Very funny!!

Few commons:

Even I hate dirty toilets and people who open the doors of their huuuge cars at traffic junctions to spit paan on the road.

//When I say "Oh no, it is already time for the first bus, and I just have to finish testing this! I will have to take the second bus home!", they say "Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya.. I am going ho-oo-ooome!" I think it is terribly childish.

Really?? Why? Even I do that but only to tease my close frineds. I think its part of being friends.

anumita said...

A list I feel has been written by me! Sace a few, which were written when I was drunk!

anumita said...

sorry, meant to say, "save" a few...

Supremus said...

After reading this exhaustive this list, I must ask you a corny question - "Do you like anything in the world?" :P :P - LOL.

Great post here - even if I am a guy, I can easily identify with so many points here:
Ex: Saas bahu serials hehe
- someone who will ask my wife in first 15 days of marriage "any good news".

Waiting for the next one eagerly now!!!


Ranjit Nair said...

Wow - awesome !! Esp relate to the bloody saas-bahu serials (we have an even more horrible Mallu version called 'Sthree' too), and the one ppl who haven't even read a pamphlet remarking on 'not liking books' too.

Shruthi said...

@Raj: Thanks! About the childish thingy, come on, when you are down in the dumps, and in need of some sympathy, if someone rubs salt in ur wounds, it hurts! If the person in question is visibly upset, such a reaction is totally insensitive :)

@Anumita: :)

@Suyog: Ha ha :) I felt the same way too, once I finished writing it.."Do I hate so many things???" :) But something triggered off this rant! There are hundreds of things which I like too, and like I said, that post will soon follow!
And thanks!

@Ranjit: Thanks! :) And by Saas bahu serials, I mean in all languages.. not only those by the great Kekta Kapoor :D

Global Indian said...

Quite an exhaustive list!!

I dont mind people singing off-key. Because I do it all the time. If other s have a problem they can close their ears.. :D

Shruthi said...

@Ravi: You did not get the difference :) You KNOW that you sing off-key. But these are people who do not know that! They think they are great singers. So they think that they are doing a favour to you by making you listen to their velvety voices and screech into your ear :) That's what irks me. :D

Shammi said...

haha... loved this list, although I could probably add a lot more! :) It's ALWAYS therapeutic to vent!

Pankaj said...

Great list !!!!.
Of course it doesn't mean, u don't like anything, what it really means, is u understand urself.
One can know one's dislike only when, one knows he or she is.
It also means u r more clean person and a person who is not there in this world for just timepass, but it is important that before hating somethings, it is important that we dont' do things which we don't like. Right ???

It would be interesting to see if u can add what u like too.

Kalyan said...
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Kalyan said...

interesting reading with a lot of me too's!!! Here is an entire blog dr. pissed that sounds like this post of yours.

Shruthi said...

@Shyam: :) thanks!

@Pankaj: Wow that was profound :) Hadn't thought of it in those terms ;)
Yes I will put up a list of things I like too.. very soon!

@Kalyan: :) Nice blog.. but I thankfully do not crib so much.. mine got done with this one post :))

Vamsee said...

Dirty Toilets - cannot agree with you more on that! eeks i cannot stand them too:)

Nihal said...

Can i say something about point number 16?

- -