Friday, January 27, 2006

Things that make me go "Mmmmm...."

.... In no particular order.. (written to compensate for this rant!).

1) Desserts

2) Fresh and shiny fruits and vegetables lined up in a bright shop.

3) Food

4) A baby's toothless smile.

5) A baby's fist tightened over my finger.

6) Babies.

7) A beautiful, affordable piece of dress/accessory.

8) Polite people.

9) Energetic, enthusiastic people.

10) People with real smiles.

11) Hugs

12) Thoughtful gestures.

13) Stationery displayed in shops.

14) Linen displayed in shops.

15) Crockery displayed in shops.

16) Good music.

17) A clean, firm bed with fresh, crisp bed-linen.

18) Clean, dry, pleasant-smelling toilets, with tissue in the right places.

19) Different types of cosmetics and body-care products on display in shops ( I never buy them, I just love looking at them).

20) Well-displayed jewellery. (same as above ;))

21) Flowers.

22) A clean bench in a green "tree-y" park

23) The beach.

24) The ocean.

25) Hills and mountains.

26) Cloud-swathed hills.

27) Snow-covered mountains.

28) Rain.

29) Rain on the beach.

30) Rain in the mountains.

32) Sharing an umbrella with a special person in the rain.

33) A well-stacked, non-dusty library, with a window seat and lots of time.

34) Drinking tea and chatting with loved ones.

35) A leisurely hair and/or body massage.

36) A long bath on a holiday.

37) Old friends.

38) Old pajamas.

39) A good book.

40) A hot cup of beverage on a cold day.

50) A cool drink on a hot day.

51) A warm blanket on a cold day.

52) A cool breeze on a hot day.

53) Dry leaves rustling beneath my feet.

54) Flowers descending on me from a tree during a drizzle or a slight breeze.

55) The sound of the breeze in the trees.

56) Baby animals.

57) Fish in an aquarium.

58) Potted plants in an apartment.

59) A good piece of writing.

60) Chatting all night with my sister.

61) Talking about myself non-stop to parents (They are the only ones who will truly listen) :)

62) Watching mom cook.

63) Eating mom's cooking.

64) Discussing any topic under the sun with dad.

64) Having my hair ruffled.

65) Walk with hubby

66) Praise.

67) Compliments.

68) Attention.

69) A piece of code that works the first time.

70) A call from a long-forgotten friend.

71) A thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

72) Laughing until I choke.

73) Acting silly.

74) Dancing.

75) Singing at the top of my voice.

76) Massaging somebody's hair.

77) Getting teased mercilessly.

78) A green signal on a busy road.

79) Little kids playing together.

I just realized that I have reached 78 and there is no end in sight. I could just go on and on! Besides, there are lots more things which I just cannot write about! So to save myself and you the agony, I will just stop here :)


Raj said...

Wow, you like quite a few things!!

It must be easy to come across atleast some of these in a day.

So i'm sure you go Mmmmm.... atleast 2-3 times a day :D

Supremus said...


I was wondering if there were things you wouldnt like :D

Good list - I could copy many of 'em myself LOL.

You should start tagging ppl with both of your lists now!


Shriedhar said...

i guess,
u can live ur life wid out any boredom.

Shriedhar said...

BTW, a sensuous list.
even i like many of them :)

Anonymous said...

You for sure are a happy person. I still haven't read the list; but, I notice that the the 'Mmm's' out number the 'Grrr's'.

Scoot said...

i like no 4 and ten in ur list.nice!

ganapathy said...

Nice blog, the list is gr8

Anonymous said...

79 and counting vs is beautiful, ain't it ? :)

Shruthi said...

@Raj: Yes, I do go Mmmm more times than many people I know :) That's what makes life special, right?

@Suyog: Ha ha :) Then why don't you go ahead and do it? Tag yourself and make these lists! Would love to read them ;)

@Shreedhar: Hmmm yes, most of the time!

Shruthi said...

@Bhargav: Yes, I am! That's what your friend keeps telling me ;) And he is kinda jealous too ;)

@Maya: :) So you are a smiley person, huh? ;)

@Rk: Oh yeah, it is :)

Bhupi said...

My list

- Anew entry in ur blog :)

Anonymous said...

Quite a handful of interesting things you do. I have going thru google and got ur blog wrt to GADBAD which i had eaten ages ago ....i will sure drop in again.


Shruthi said...

@Bhupi: Awwww, how sweet! :))

@Shom: Hey thanks! :)

Bhupi said...

old pajamas? yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssss said...

Shruti :

This is in response to your comment you had left in my previosu post.

I would not force you, but would ask you to still put the Perfect Lover post, not as a fantacy affair but as a realistic one, and tell us , what real is a good love should be like. You being on the other side of life, can throw some realistic facts about the other half. Not necessarily you need to give 8 point about your perfect other half, but do write about how you feel a good other half can be like.

Will read ur current post and reply later.


Anonymous said...

today after going through your Mmmm list, I believe you should not have any trouble in summoning the 'Patronus charm'.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. 78 Mmmmms and 28 Grrrrrs. That is approx 3 Mmmms for every Grrrr. I can imagine Shruti going Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Grrrrrr.
Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Grrrrrr.
and so on, the whole day.

Good fun. Amazed that you could compile such lists that sound so genuine and natural.

Shruthi said...

@Bhupi: Why yaar? Nothing's so comfy as an old pair of pajamas :)

@ATG: Anil, will reconsider it and let u know :)

@Bhargav: My response is in ur mailbox :)

@Plus Ultra: ROTFL!! And Thanks :)

Nihal said...

this thing kind of reminds me of the song in sound of music, these are a (not so)few of my favourite things

- -