Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 29 - Outrageous prices

Saturdays are always difficult in terms of writing.  Something is always happening, and there isn't much time to sit down and think of something to write about.

Besides, I've spent all my available time enjoying the music and the amazing liveliness of this random video

We had been to watch Man of Steel today, and before that, we were loitering around the mall, and I played a little game I play with myself when I am jobless - check out an outfit, guess how much it is priced, and then check the actual price.  Today, I found a cotton frock in Puttachi's size.  It was well-tailored, good cloth, and I thought ok, considering the label, about 1000 bucks.  I checked and it was nearly 5000 rupees.  5000 for a frock.  The last time I was so surprised was when I lost my way and found myself in an upmarket store in UB city.  I picked up a handbag and said, "4500 for this?  I can get it for 450 in 4th block!"  And S said, "Check the price again."  I checked, and it was 45000.  I fell over backwards.  (Not exactly, but I did crash into the nearly invisible glass door on my way out.)

People who actually pay money for these things - even if they can afford it, why would they?  Are brands really that important to them?  I feel really sorry for them, actually.


Radhika said...

Hey! I do have same questions! True branded stuff are of better quality, finishing etc. But the exorbitant prices are not justified. Paying in thousands for clothes which the child may wear not more than 2-3 times in a year is really not worth it is what I feel. But at the same time, other options have their own shortcomings. Most of the time, I find the zips which have no supporting lining, which always touch the skin and leave a mark on the back, buttons which have smaller holes than the button, sizes not matching with the number on them etc. I need to check atleast 10-15 dresses to finally be able to buy one, which will be comfortable to the child. Only the Solo and Crystal wears are those one can buy without much of quality check and also not heavy on the pocket!

Chhaya said...

I have always felt as if I was part of a dying breed because I always opt for the economical and practical things as opposed to buying branded items. This applies especially to children's clothing and shoes. I am glad I am not the only one flabbergasted at the prices and at the people who pay these prices :)

Shruthi said...

Totally agree with you about Solo and Crystal, and the quality of garments in other shops. Btw, I found a shop in Safina Plaza which has good quality, pretty, and reasonably priced frocks.

Chhaya, you have company!

KA said...

I got a serious case of "sticker shock" the last month too , when I set out to purchase some lehenga-cholis/langa-blouse for a nearly six-year old.Actually , more than the price, it was the design that put me off. Did the clothes manufacturers assume we wanted to dress little girls as "item girls"? (I apologise in advance for the lack of a better word!).The clothes were garish, embellished with loads of bling , made of scratchy material and the designs were in appropriate for childen.I searched high and low for a traditional,comfortable design.When I did find it,it set me back by 2000 rupees -this one is a cotton material with zari-like thread work.Apparently most anarkalis and lehanga cholis cost 5000 and above.
I got 2 decent langa-blouse from Desi Shop too. Though they are cotton, they look festive enough and are comfortable and cost around 700. I do wish Desi would come up with a better range of casual clothes for girls.The line for boys has some decent shirts. For T shirts and tights I find Maxx and Westside a good place to shop.

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of relativity. Millions buy frocks for just 45 rupees or less. A thousand rupees would drop their jaws too.

Shruthi said...

KA, totally agree with you! I had written about it before -

Anon, absolutely. And I knew someone would misinterpret what I said, the moment I posted this. I was just playing the game of estimates. A thousand rupees drops my jaw too. The most money I have spent from my pocket on Puttachi's clothes must be about 350 rupees. The expensive ones have all been gifted :)

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