Saturday, June 01, 2013

Day 1 - The greatest challenge in blogging

I broke my head for over a month, wondering if I should indeed give myself this challenge.  It's one thing giving yourself a private challenge, but it is a completely different matter to make a commitment in public, and then scramble about, trying not to fall face first in the mud.  

After I put up yesterday's post, the mouse kept moving towards the delete button, but my will prevailed, and so it stays.  

But why is it so difficult to blog nowadays?  It came so easily to me before.  Now, though I have started writing professionally, it seems more difficult to articulate my thoughts on the blog.

My blog has been running for eight years.  Initially, I made up blog posts on the long commutes to and from work, and when I got to a computer, I would write it all down.  I wrote about my life, my experiences, my opinions - everything I saw would turn into a blog post.  I liked that.  I had the time to turn thoughts around in my head and format it into a nice, interesting post.   My old posts are jaunty, carefree, and fun to read, even if I say so myself! And oh, I had lots and lots of commenters, and I had the time and the patience to answer them all individually and with wit.  That made more people comment, and so, my blog was a very lively place.  

After Puttachi was born, my blog took on a whole new slant.  Posts on parenting and posts about my baby became frequent.  The young and the restless looked elsewhere, but from another direction, a whole new audience came by.  But at this point, I didn't have the time nor the energy to reply individually to comments, though I tried.  But thankfully, that didn't drive my readers away - the numbers tell me so.  But the blog is more of a one-way affair now.  It is sad, but inevitable.  

So coming back to this question, why do I blog less now?  The main reason pops right up - I am more judgmental about my writing now.  I am too critical about what I write, and before I put anything up, I think twice, and thrice, and four times, by which the urge to put that post up has long since fizzled out.  

So this challenge is my way of trying to get over that mental block.  Let's see how it goes!

Day 1 of the month-long posting challenge.


rk bellur said...

nostalgic memories of those good ol' days! the crowd here was no less than what we see at mvm 8th cross a day before any festival!

Shruthi said...

Bellur, ha ha! :) Not so much gaji-biji, I hope!

- -