Friday, November 30, 2012

Whose love is greater?

Puttachi and I are being silly.

Puttachi:  Amma, I love you thousand million crore.

I:  I love you thousand million crore + 1

She:  I love you as much as you do plus thousand million and forty

I:  I love you all that, + 1

Puttachi (giggles, gets the hang of it.):  I love you as much as you say, plus twenty thousand and one.

I:  I love you all that you do, multiplied by two.

She: I do, multiplied by thousand.

I: Ha, whatever you do, I love you more than you love me.

She: Why?

I:  Err.. emmm.....It's just that way.

She:  How do you know?  Are you sure?

I:  (it seems obvious, but is it true?  I don't know.  Aloud, I say). mmmmm...

She thinks for a while.

She: Amma, I think I know why.

I: Why?

She: Because a parent will start loving the child as soon as she is born, maybe even before she is born.  But the child has to be born, and then grow a little and realize who she is and who her parents are, and only then will she start loving her parents.  So because the parents have started loving the child much earlier, they love the child more.

I can't argue with that!


Bhavana said...

Did she really say that! Wow!

Sumana said...

She is a born smartie pie.Perfect reasoning...

Sowmya said...

how sweet !!!

Chitra said...

Brilliant :-)!

Kruthi said...

Now that I have seen and spoken to her, it is easier to imagine this conversation happening !

rajk said...

Wow! And she is how old again?:-)

Anonymous said...


austere said...

Superb logic.

Wanderer said...

Wow! Thats superb logic. How did she come up with that? :O Smartness runs in blood eh? ;)

Accidentally-Seasoned Hobo said...

:)) Wow!!

Aarthi said...

Happy Birthday Shruthi!

Shruthi said...

Glad you all enjoyed it! And thank you, Aarthi :)

Rekha said...

What an answer !! Super !!

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