Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Book is here!

Edited to add: Report in The Hindu
And so the book has been launched, and it is really nice to hold a book with my name on the front cover. :).

That's me on the extreme right, with (L-R)  Jahnavi Barua, Teresa Bhattacharya, Usha KR, who released the book.

Another picture, with Rachna Chhabria.  Both our stories make up this book.

 The front cover of the book

The back: 

It says about my story:   
This delightful story tells you how little Meenu sets out on a mission to save this arid world by bringing back stories that fill our lives with colour and delight.  Shruthi Rao succeeds in exploring the profound world of creativity and imagination using terms that even a child can understand.

Soon, I will update the blog with details on how and where you can buy a copy of the book.

Edited to Add:   The book is now Available on Flipkart and in Reliance TimeOut outlets


Anonymous said...

Way to go Shruthi! Im loving this. COngratulations!

Achu said...

That's amazing! congratulations on the release of the book! You look great and book looks interesting. Do let us know when and where it's available. Will surely buy a copy for my nephew. :)

sandhya said...

Wow! Congratulations. Had wanted to come for the launch (and finally meet you), but had guests over!:(

parijata said...

Do let us know where to buy your book.

Radhika said...

Looking forward to read the full story :-)

austere said...

How to buy??

Anonymous said...

Congratulations !

Aarthi said...

congrats Shruthi.

So proud of you!

Sachin said...

Really happy to see this one at long last. Am more interested in the last line of your post. When and where?

Dhanya said...

Thats wonderful :) Congratulations and celebrations :)

Shruthi said...

Thank you all! I've updated details about how to get the book!

Sandhya, aww, come over anyway someday! Would love to have a chat!

- -