Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I don't usually mark milestones on my blog, but this calls for a celebration.  500 posts.  Coming to think of it, it is not such a big number at all for all that I have said over more nearly seven years. 

But what a journey!  How I agonized before publishing my first post!  I was so shy about showing my writing to the world.  I rightly guessed that blogging would cure me of that hesitation, and now here I am, 500 posts later, with a few writing successes to my credit.

In these 500 posts you can see my journey from a clueless and irresponsible new bride, to the mother of a five-year old, someone who doles out hot (albeit shapeless) phulkas as effortlessly as she doles out unsolicited parenting advice (heh.)

You can see me transition from someone who wrote to escape the boredom of a job I wasn't interested in - to someone who writes for the love of writing.

A large part of what blogging did was to open me up to an entirely new world out there - to people who have affected my life profoundly in ways I would never have imagined.  There are people who wouldn't ever have come into my life if not for blogging.  Windows have opened that led to doors, and more doors, and with that came more people - and the learning, the discovery, the joys - phew!

I'll stop the gushing - I'm sure you get the picture.

Some of you have been with me all through that time. Some have joined me later, a few have held my hand in the beginning, but you've moved on since.  Some have been silent, some of you have constantly spoken to me. But each one of you has contributed to me and my writing in some way or the other, so thank you all for being there.


Radhika said...

Congrats Shruthi! That's an achievement really that you have been blogging without taking much breaks. I started following your blog from the post about buying frocks to little girls, thanks to Veena who sent me the link. From then on, I always look forward to read your posts. I like your frankness, non judgemental, full of life posts. Keep going :-)

rajk said...

Hiii! I joined your journey some time after Puttachi was born (I should go back and read about the "irresponsible" and "clueless" Shruthi - yeah, right!)It's folks like you who I look up to when it comes to writing (not to mention parenting, and other things!)
Hope this journey goes on and gives you much more joy and satisfaction than you've got now. Hope you reach new heights in the future...
All my very best! (Can't gush enough)

Brinda said...

Very well written, Shru ! Congrats on completion of 500 posts! Keep it up ! :)
love, amma.

Sachin said...

Congratulations! Pretty apt timing considering I've been filling my free time at work re-reading the multitude of posts across the varied topics you've written about. This has been the second blog I ever read and the one that inspired me to continue to blog. Never saw a blog so consistent and so relevant at least to me as yet. Keep those fingers going, after all life has a lot more to say especially when its coming from you! Rock on SR!

P.S. My blog has seen some life in the last week or so, do drop by when you can.

Aarthi said...

congrats Shruthi!

CC said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work. Xx

bellur rk said...

hearty congrats, talented prof!
yours truly has surely been inspired by your writing.

puttachi will love reading your blog, and you'll have tears of joy that day!

best wishes

Dhanya said...

Congrats Shruthi for the milestone and hope u hit 1000 soon :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! All your posts are a delight to read & your narrative is so easy & very readable.

Best wishes to you , keep blogging , keep writing & thanks for delighting :)

God Bless


austere said...

Thought I'd left a comment here earlier.

Achu said...

Congratulations Shruthi! Truly truly commendable!

Shruthi said...

Radhika, thanks for your constant support!

RajK, ask S, he'll say that I'm still irresponsible. Really :) Thank you so much!

Amma, thank you :)

Sachin, I'm abreast of the activity on your blog!

Aarthi, CC, Dhanya, Austere, Achu, thank you!

Bellur, I certainly hope she'll like it! Esp what I've said about her! *fingers crossed*

JM, great compliments, thanks so much.

Indiacorporatewatch said...

It's great to see you blossomed into an established writer... A honour to be among the first commentators on your blog... After all these years I still have your blog on my RSS reader and do drop by occasionally. Cheers Abhay

- -