Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tree Mania

I wasn't always obsessed with trees. I have always loved trees, but didn't care much about identifying them. Due to various reasons, some of which I am not even aware, I got interested in identifying trees. And I am pretty sure that my beloved MN Krishna Rao park provided the right atmosphere. Walking there every morning and taking my daughter to play there every evening, it did things to me. It is difficult not to be immune to the charms of trees, especially lovely, old, might trees. I think I started considering them my friends, and was ashamed that I couldn't name my friends, and so....

This spring, I have reached the peak of my obsession. That is why the article, the photographs....

My mania has rubbed off on Puttachi too...

S: Which one is honge, point it out to me....
Me: Wait, let me show you... it's a very beautiful tree...
Puttachi:  (horrified) Amma, what are you saying?  All trees are beautiful!

S: Which one is that?
Me: Tabebuia
S: But I thought Tabebuia is yellow....
Puttachi:  (In an all-knowing tone) Papa, Tabebuia can be yellow and pink.


For those of you who have been asking for more information, here are a few books and links:

Hasiru Honnu by BGL Swamy
- A book in Kannada, it is an account of a field trip by a Biology class in a college. A very entertaining story, but with liberal doses of information on trees, their uses, their origins. An utter delight. This was one of the first books I read in Kannada.

Namma Maragalu by HR Krishnamurthy (Published by Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat.) - Again in Kannada.  This is just a straight, sincere account of common Indian trees. Very informative.

The problem with both the above books is that there are no photographs, only sketches. And it is not very easy for a newbie to relate the sketch to the actual tree/leaf.

This book - Indian Institute of Science - A Botanist's Delight - K.Sankara Rao solves that problem. Full of great photographs, with short writeups on all flowering trees, and even bushes and plants.

Updated: The Book of Indian Trees by K C Sahni, published by the Bombay Natural History Society - another good book about trees, with plenty of details, a lot of sketches and a few photographs (Thanks, Anu.)

Then, there are a couple of excellent online links that have pictures and information all in one.

Flowers of India

Flowering Trees-1 and Flowering Trees-2

Trees of India

Here I leave you with some more pictures from MN Krishna Rao park. By the way, all the photographs I have taken of flowering trees are from this one park!

Eucalyptus Tree

A bustling bee-hive

Beautiful, tender new peepul leaves

 The utterly fascinating gulmohar tree - gnarled branches, straight out of a fairy tale.

This is a silk cotton tree, I think.  A similar-looking tree next to it has mature pods falling down to the ground, and is bursting open, with soft silk-cotton spilling out.  I don't know why this tree is still leafless, and the pods are still green.

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Sausage Tree (courtesy Anu)


Revati Upadhya said...

WOw, what park is this?! and Where is it!

Anonymous said...

Now you simply must go for the Lalbagh Bangalore walk! Perhaps when Puttachi is a year older and can take to the three hour stroll more easily.


Sarangi said...

Those fruits in the last pic are "Aane kayi". I am not sure of the name of the tree or if that is the right name of the fruit..On way to lalbagh from Basavangudiyou can sight more of them..

Yes, Krishna Rao park is a delight..I have nostalgic moments as I too have grown up playing there as a child...


Anu said...

I believe it is called mara sawthe kayi or aanethoradu kayi, Shru. Here it is :


I dont think this is related to the Baobab

There is another good book about trees, with plenty of details, a lot of sketches and a few photographs: The Book of Indian Trees by K C Sahni, published by the Bombay Natural History Society.

Shruthi said...

hAAthi, this is MN Krishna Rao park in Basavanagudi, very close to South End circle, and about 2 km from 4th block Jayanagar.

Ano, absolutely. That is in my immediate to-do list.

Bhavana, you are right, there are many of these trees on that road. You are really fortunate to have played there as a child!

Anu, thank you! Updated the post with this info.

Rajnish said...

I went there. It's a beautiful park. Nice post...

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