Friday, March 23, 2012

Rain Tree

Rain Tree - with a large, symmetrical umbrella-like canopy.  You can see them all over South Bangalore lining avenues.

These are the flowers of the rain tree

Once the flowers dry up, they fall, and make a kind of carpet on the floor, like this.  You can see them in bunches on the road everywhere right about now.
Those pods you see are the ones from which we used to make cork balls in our childhood.  You can also frequently see them on tarred roads, absolutely flattened, with only the seeds protruding from the road.
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austere said...

And all this time I was calling the rain tree something else!
Those pink blooms are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I guess this would be Albizia ( and not Acacia.

The Acacia we most commonly find in south India is : which is a plant of choice for reforestation in western ghats.
Hope it helps.

If you read Kannada, do get a copy of BGL Swamy's 'Hasiru Honnu'. It is an interesting, funny and resourceful book on common south Indian plants.

Shruthi said...

Austere, thanks!

Anon, thank you for the info. Rain tree is also called Acacia, ( as evinced from many links online. But you are right, there are too many acacias and so it might be misleading. I am removing it from the brackets.

parijata said...

Awesome pictures! A treat for the eyes, really, just like the tree-lined roads of Bangalore when there are no traffic jams :)
I have read Hasiru honnu. Dr.Swami has sketched the pictures himself. I am visually challenged, as in I find it difficult to translate the sketches to actual plants that we see around us.

Do you know of a book that lists out the common plants with photographs?

Shruthi said...

Parijata, do see this latest post I've given links to websites and info about some books.

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