Sunday, December 09, 2007


You know that you have been married for a long time, when - When a movie is mentioned, you no longer ask your spouse, "Have you watched it?" but "Have we watched it?"

P.S. It is also a sign that you are getting old and losing your memory.

P.P.S. - Thanks for all your wishes. Puttachi and I are doing much better.


Kadalabal said...

Yes there will be shift of emphasis from I to we as you have written.
all will become aged and some people try to avoid exhibiting it by resorting to artificial means but time and tide waits for none.
gland both mother & daughter are getting better
Putti ninu nimma ammanna jasthi goladisbeda yakeandre navu nimma ammana postgalannu miss madtivi aita
ninu thumba olleya hudugi very good girl alva
pranesh (panimama for puttachi)

Abhipraya said...

what you say is so true :) And I am glad the two of you are doing better :)

- -