Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My sis is here!

* My sis PeeVee has come down for a visit after 1.5 years. She and Puttachi met for the first time, and they are thrilled with each other. Puttachi is in that stage where she talks to strangers from afar but bawls if they carry her. But she went to PeeVee and settled down with her as if she has known her all her life.

* PeeVee has grown 1-2 inches taller. I need you people to tell me if it is possible. For someone to grow after a certain age, after you have thought she has stopped growing. I thought people grow till they are 21 years old, but PeeVee is quite past that age. There is no doubt she has grown... she was always petite, and much shorter than I was, now she is just an inch or two shorter than I am. She bikes a lot at her school. Is that the reason?

* She has done a good amount of very thoughtful shopping, and has brought personalized gifts for the family. Amazing, with the little time and money she had!

* One of the things she has brought is a pain-relieving ointment called Bengay. Now the funny thing is that in Kannada, "Ben-gay" means "For the back". This has totally cracked me up - I can't get over it.. I keep imagining a conversation:

Person 1: Bartha angadi inda novige ointment thanni. (Please stop by the drugstore and get me a pain-relieving ointment.)
Person 2: Sari. Yavudu? (Sure. Which one?)
Person 1: Bengay.
Person 2: Gotthu ninna bennovige antha... aadre yaava brandu? (Yeah, I know it is for your sore back, but which brand?)
Person 1: Helidnalla, Bengay. (I told you, Bengay.)
Person 2: Gotthappa ben-gay antha, aadre ointment hesarenu? (I know, pa, its for your back, but what is the name of the ointment?)
Person 1: Bengay.

It could go on and on :D

* Having a good time chatting away into the night with PeeVee -- and enjoying watching PeeVee giggle over Puttachi's activities and drool over mom's cooking.


Wunderyearz said...

Have a blast!!!!!!!!!

Even Jelly is the same....hates to be carried by strangers,but with some of our relatives she is very cool................

Sandesh said...

Hehe! Bengay us funny!

Poppins said...

Bengay had me ROFL. It's amazing how kids recognise their kin isn't it? Peevee must be having a blast with her niece and vice versa.

Have a good holiday you !

Raaji said...

Hi PeeVee welcome. Nice to know that you "Grabbed" the first opportunity to visit India and we will be spared of your nostalgic rants for "One more year". By the wat, did you fly from Palo Alto?? and howz Puff/Crooks/Savannah doing?? :-)

8&20 said...

please feed my roomie well. she barely ever eats these days :).

charu said...

hi Peevee.I can imagine you drooling over your amma's cooking !I am sure there is some resemblance between you and shruthi and little puttachi is quick to catch that !have fun cooing with the little one !

Deepa said...

Have fun! I miss those long chats with my sis.. we still talk on the phone, but it's not the same! Say hi to Peevee for me.

Kadalabal said...

Bengay super conversation haki nimma creativity idre yen bekadru madbbahudu.
enjoy enjoy enjoy time will fly in such occassion when some one dear comes from abroad and u will realise it only when time for their departu!!!!!!!
all the best to peevee


Echo said...

PeeVee, if you have grown 2-3 inches tall, I should've atleast grown by half a foot, right? Have fun at home

ex-room mate :)

- -