Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Goodbye, Desipundit, and Thank You.

When I discovered the blogosphere more than a year back, I groped around in the dark for quite a while. I could just find very mediocre blogs - ones with lines like "Im goin out wid my frenz 2de 4 kofi". It was frustrating, to say the least. Just as I was about to give up, I stumbled upon Desipundit, and it was like Alladin's treasure trove. I was introduced to a host of interesting blogs - and after that, there was no stopping me. Endless topics, endless discussions - it was a whole new world out there! I became a serious blog-hopper, and very soon, started my own blog.

It was thanks to Desipundit, too, that I got my initial readers. They were kind enough to link to a number of my posts regularly - and readership grew - pretty soon, I had my own blogger community, and I was, and am revelling in it.

Now, I hear that Desipundit is shutting down. Its a pity, really. Desipundit did excellent work with regular filter-blogging. I did wonder frequently how the contributors had that much time and enthusiasm to sustain it, but I was glad they did. Their shutting down is quite a disappointment. I wish they would reconsider - maybe think of handing it over to someone else, or letting the people who can continue, do so. But I understand that they have their reasons, and I guess we should respect that.

Actually, right now, the shutting down of DP might not affect me much, because lately, I find myself relying less and less on it, because
a) I have a very long list of blogs on my feedreader, which I read regularly, and that takes up a lot of my blogging time. So discovering new blogs is not a priority.
b) I am fortunate to already have a dedicated set of very smart, intelligent and informed readers - and what else does a blogger need for inspiration?
But the fact remains that both a and b is largely due to Desipundit - and for that, I am very grateful to them. Special thanks to Neha, Patrix and Ash. I wish Desipundit continues - in some form or the other - because it was a great concept - it will leave quite a void in the blogosphere.

Update: So they are not closing down after all! :)


Anonymous said...

Left me flabbergasted! Will miss them a great deal for sure.


Rk said...

Your blogroll is shared ? (If it is not only the ones on the right hand side of your blog)

Anonymous said...

Hello Shruti

I was looking for a English translation of Manku Thimmana Kagga by DVG and came across your writing. Can u pls send me a linkl. Thanks.
Bangalore, dtd Oct. 19, 2006

Anonymous said...

Oh...that's bad! I too share similar sentiments....

mysorean said...

I only discovered it after they decided to shut it down! :(

I am very late as always as ever! :P

And lazy too...

Bombay Addict said...

And linked ! Thank you !

bellur said...

sad news indeed. i wish just like the helmet rule here in bangalore is getting postponed, desipundit's shutting down will get postponed too.

shruthi, wish you and your readers a very happy and safe deepavali.

best wishes

Shruthi said...

Ano, yup!

RK, the blogroll on the right is woefully out of date. And no, the latest is not shared - and I wouldn't want to share it either ;) Maybe I will just update the blogroll on the blog very soon.

Manjunath, if I come across any, I will let you know.

Maanyaa, hmmm that seems to be the majority opinion!

Mysorean, ohh that's a pity! But it makes me laugh too ;)

Bombay Addict, thank you too :)

Bellur, :)) Wish you also a very happy Deepavali!

ANKIT said...

**I could just find very mediocre blogs - ones with lines like "Im goin out wid my frenz 2de 4 kofi"**

mediocre blogs....i guess that are harsh words...!!!

i feel the intent of blogging for different people are different..!!

some may give priorty of using it to note their instances day to day lives,,some to vent out their feelings,,some to voice their opininions,,,some try to write keeping in the mind thier readers,,some keep their blogs full of informative links and innovative thoughts,,,while some just for the sheer fun of blogging...!!!

my blogs for instance are totally senseless,,full of bufoonery.,,full of grammatical errors.,,(enough if some average scholar reads it,, he may think of sueing me for sabotaging the english lang).........but it fulfills my purpose of blogging..!!!

i feel my blog would be the typical mediocre blog....according to your ,,but i dont feel it can be generalised....!!!

anywayz,,,,i feel your blog,,,though landing here after quite a time(was a regular sometime back...) ... is quite informative,,enjoyable..and i really like your style of playing with words,,,and the style of writing...!!!

no offense intended,,,!!

happy diwali and my wishes for the new year ahead...!!!!


Shruthi said...

Ankit, thank you for the kind words! :)
Just as everybody has a different urge to blog, everybody has an urge to read blogs which s/he likes, right? I look for blogs which are fun/informative/likeminded/ thought-provoking.
I went through your blog. I regularly read a couple of blogs just like yours - fun, light and about nothing in particular. I didn't read yours in detail but I didn't find your blog mediocre at all. It is a fun blog. More importantly, it doesn't have sms language - which I cannot tolerate! It is those kind of blogs, which just crib about everything, etc, and those written in sms language - that irritate me. Of course, someone else may like just that kind of blog - but I find those mediocre. Oh, my blog, I am sure is considered mediocre by lots of people - I make mistakes, my posts are about nothing in particular - they might think I am a frivolous writer - I don't mind - this is what I like, and people are entitled to their opinion - that is what I mean! I don't mean to insult anybody - I hope you understand what I mean!

- -