Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eight things you didn't know about me!

Bellur tagged me a while ago, to write 8 things about myself. 8 what things - he did not say, so that makes it very difficult!

So I decided to write 8 things about myself which you might not have already known by reading this blog - and which won't reveal too much about me either ;)

So here goes!

1) I was born in Mysore.

2) I have lived most of my life in Bangalore, except for three 1.5 year stints in other places.

3) I have travelled quite a bit around India - I have visited nearly 17 to 18 states, some of them multiple times. But I still feel that I haven't seen anything yet.

4) I have a post-grad degree in Energy Engineering. I have gone up tall structures on ladders, with a yellow helmet on my head, and writing pads and measuring instruments in my hands, to take measurements from huge hot industrial boilers to calculate their efficiency. I have withstood burning heat and gusty winds, to test theories on solar photovoltaic systems and wind pumps.

5) But my job now consists of commuting hours through polluted roads to sit at a desk and code.

6) I have learnt Hindustani classical vocal music for nearly 9 years, and Carnatic classical off and on from my mom who is a singer.

7) The game I love playing most of all is Table Tennis.

8) I probably hold a record for having burst the minimum number of Deepavali crackers in my life (ratio of the total number of crackers burst to the number of years lived).

And on that note - have a safe and happy Deepavali!


mysorean said...

First in this space is a rarity! So Cheers to me for that! :)

The last two points is what we definitely have in common!

Nice tag that is extremely well-done too!

Anonymous said...

Aye Aye...ya...back to tagging ye?


Now....let me read the blog.... :)

Anonymous said...

Now.......4, 6 and 8 are certainly new things about you that i found out today.


Happy Deepavali to you too!

Shyam said...

No 3: Lucky you!

No 4: Wow, VERY intelligent and brave you (not that I didnt know this anyway)

No 5: Poor you :)

No 6: Impressive you! I've learnt Carnatic music too but I'm more a personal than a public singer :)

No 8: Similar (to) you ;) I'm an abject coward when it comes to crackers and I hate noisy ones anyway!

Happy Deepavali to you too!

shyam said...

PS. "personal"??? I meant private! :)

Full2 Faltu said...

Which job did you like? The earlier one on the field or the one you have now, sitting on a desk and coding?

Although this job may be paying better, i think the earlier one had more thrills.


Mridula said...

Shruthi,you and I should definitely play TT once.I too love the game andplay almost daily with my collegues. So when are you coming to Delhi?

And wish you and your family a very happy Diwali.

Basanti said...

I probably hold a record for having burst the minimum number of Deepavali crackers in my life (ratio of the total number of crackers burst to the number of years lived).

Aha! Not really :P I hold the record :P ANd no one can break it :P :P :P I am scared of the damned burning things.. I like watching teh ones which light up the sky, but bursting them is not my cup of tea ! :P

Shruthi said...

Mysorean, ha ha, thank you! :)

Harsha, only those? :( I thought I was telling you all really unknown bits about me ;)

Shyam, 3) Sigh, yes!
4) Ha ha, and how did you know? (I didn't;))
5) Sob sob :(
6) Oooh! I never quite got round to public performances, either, except a handful of semi-public ones!
8) Ohh! Yeah I don't like noisy ones either!

Punds, The earlier experience was not a job. It was just part of the course - not in the prescribed course as such, but we did it out of our own interest. I would have loved to take up a job in that area itself, but things did not really work out like I wanted to. If it had, I would have been poorer, but richer! :O

Mridula, Oh that would be great :) Maybe when you come to Blore ;) And thank you!

Basanti, ok ok let's compare and see! :)

Rajit said...

9 years of Hindustani Classical music! wow... why don't you try some podcasts of your recitals...we'll get to hear some of your singing too.

Silkboard said...

Mom is a Carnatic classical singer, but learnt Hindustani vocal for 9 years - are you still friends with your mom? Kidding.

Anonymous said...

Oops....first a correction. It was 7, not 8.

Hmmmm...yeah. I think the rest of those one can kinda make out from reading your blog these couple of years.


Vijay said...

Interesting ... that's a lot of things you are capable of, including of course coding, now ! :) So you seem to be trained in music too. Wonderful ! I was pushed into it by my parents when I was young, but I used to ignore them badly. Now when I really want to do well there, I regret not having trained for more than 3 years, which too was more sparingly. Check this blog - of mine when you get time.

chitra said...

Energy Auditing : Tough job, dear.

And as far as the ratio is concerned, I wd have been in your league till my son was born. Now, Diwali means crackers and for the past four years more crackers than my entire lif time. He is just 10 years, now.

Shruthi said...

Rajit, ha ha! Very kind of you... but really, no ;)

Silkboard, heh heh... not much of a problem when mom was the one who took me and got me started in Hindustani music! :)

Harsha, hmm.. yeah I guess some of the things kind of comes through without any conscious effort, ha?

Vijay, its always like that, isn't it? I stopped music when the pressure of studies grew - now I think that was a silly thing to do! Sure, will check out your blog soon.

Chitra, tough job indeed! But each day was an adventure :)
Ohhh yeah I can imagine - hope you enjoy it as much as your son does :)

Viky said...

Hmm, got some general knowledge. Might come in handy sometime. Happy Diwali. :D

Shruthi said...

Viky, that is the problem :(

Viky said...

What are you afraid of? That someone like me will come along and claim to know you better than yourself?

bellur said...

Thanks for doing the tag. Nice to know a few things about the Professor! V commented on S's blog that "Will miss Shruthi on the trip, she has a lot of energy". No wonder you have studied Energy Engineering!

angada said...

Minimum crackers - may be I am a good contender if not a a record breaking effort. I left crackers when I was 10 yrs old. How about you?

Emma said...

A lot in common I can say - including commuting for hours and sitting at a desk and writing code :).

Thanks for sharing.

Shruthi said...

Viky, actually, no. I am just scared that dangerous people like you will make use of the info for doing dark deeds ;) :p

Bellur, ha ha! Btw interesting to know that people think I have a lot of energy! I didn't know that ;)

Angada, about the same age ;) And I hadn't burst too many of them before that, either!

Emma, glad you liked it :) And yes, I have noticed that we have a lot in common ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! so much talent and you never mentioned any of this so far. Come on girl, brag a little. With so many accomplishments, it is allowed!
Thanks to the tag, one got to know these other sides of Shruthi.

endevourme said...

one friend of mine went korea and asked veg burger,
they gave him burger with meat with lots of vegetables on top.
and one chinese client was asking, "u have so many stray dogs here, how come people eat them?"
neway i liked the tag as well :-)

Shruthi said...

Usha, you make me blush! :) Thank you ;)

Endeavourme, ha ha!! Good one :D And thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does it matter what you have done for yourself et al.

As long as the person next to you is not benefitting anything, whats the point?

Self praise?

Shruthi said...

Anon, that is the very tag, isn't it? About me? :0

- -