Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why don't they get it?

Scene 1.

A colleague and I enter office together. The colleague is, to put it mildly, on the plumper side. She says, "How is it that you do not diet but still manage to keep your weight down? I just cannot understand. You are so fortunate. Me, I diet so much, nothing happens, it must be the body structure... whatever, you are so lucky..." We reach the foyer, we separate, I take the stairs, and she takes the lift to her first floor office.

Scene 2.

Me chatting online with a friend. She says, "You have read so many books! How do you get the time to read so much? Some people have all the luck. I just cannot find the time to read even one book in a month. Oh I am so busy, so much work... must be a luxury to be able to read so much.......... Ohhh its almost 8... will signout now... Don't want to miss my serials... four of them.. back to back."

Why don't they get it?

[Familiar? :) Do you have other incidents like this to relate?]


Nirwa said...


Need I say anything more ?

You somehow remind me of my sister.. I don't know why.. ;-)

Nice one..


Anonymous said...

How do these guys find girls so easily....We dont meet anyone interesting at all...these guys somehow get one or other...Goddamit..I need to stay back tonight for that stupid conf call over that stupid proposal.

Shruthi said...

Nirwa: Heh heh, thanks :) And I am assuming that's a good thing! :D

Anon: Ha ha! I hear that all the time too!

chitra said...

Tee hee...missing the obvious eh??

Viky said...

A more familiar scene is when a guy gets on the lift in the first floor, goes down till -1 (Parking) and then goes up to reach his 4th floor cubicle.

And the same guy says "This lift never comes empty to -1" when he enters from the parking area.

Anonymous said...

"You must be having a lot of free time to write Blogs. You are really lucky to have so much time to spare for your blogs."
This is exactly what I was thinking even before you posted this. And i almost immediately realised that I should probably start my own Blog. That I too had time for it if I really wanted to take that time out.It is so much fun and a such great medium to express your thoughts and have a healthy discussion on issues be it Good Bad or the Ugly.
"Where there is a will there is a way" is so very appropriate here.. :)

(And yeah, I have been reading almost all of your post's today. Very Very Good Shruthi. You are blessed with an Amazing Talent. Make good use of it. :))

PRIDERA said...

The first scene is so much familiar that I have almost stopped responding to people ! I just give them a cold smile

The Avenger !! said...

hi shruthi,

Quite true.

But I guess if everyone could understand each other so well, perhaps we might not get anything to write or discuss :-)

Shruthi said...

Chitra: Absolutely! :)

Viky: Heh heh! :)

Anon: Oho thanks for the glowing compliments :) And please leave your name, its nice to know the name of the person who thinks you are so good ;)
And do start a blog! :)

Pridera: Oh I have stopped giving smiles too ;)

Sudhir: Oh yeah, what will we do if there are no strange people in the world? Us included! ;)

The Avenger !! said...

well shruths if that happens we would realise we are probably watching one of those Sci Fi flicks

Manasi said...

Another one i heard was after my results were out and I was amongst the toppers (blush). "OH you must have studied.......!" What?!?!?!?!

Sri Harsha said...


Bru said...

:). I had a neighbour who always used to comment on me:I really envy you. How is it that you are soooo slim ?! See how I am putting on weight .... I wonder HOW !

one day she happened to tell me, " I am so fond of kodbales (a South Indian snack, deep fried in oil) that I prepare them in Kg.s and while reading magazines in the afternoon I go on eating them and only when the box is empty do I reasise that I have eaten so much !!!!

Shruthi said...

Sudhir: :)

Manasi Ho ho.. you should have sad, no I took chits into the exam hall ;)

Harsha: :)

Bru: Ha ha... hilarious! Perfect example ;)

Akshay said...

great blog.


Poorvi said...

and there are these people who say.. "i eat sooooooo less but i'm so fat and i never lose wait, i don't even have breakfast - i just have a packet of chips at around 11:00 AM" .. hahahahha :)

Poorvi said...

"weight" i mean!!

Suresh said...

Oh!the Anon 5/02/2006 8:39 PM is Suresh :)

anumita said...

How about someone 10 years older to me telling me "Hey you look so much younger than me!" Hellooooo??

Shruthi said...

Poorvi: Ohhh hee hee! :D

Suresh: Thanks kano! :)

Anumita: Haaa now that's really called stating the obvious, huh? :D

Supremus said...

"I take the stairs, and she takes the lift to her first floor office.

-- ROFL - this has happened with me here so many times heheheheh :D - I am like, dont you get it?

LOL Post!


Anonymous said...

Same old anon: "How do you manage to leave office on time almost everyday when we are stuck late on most days...., must not be having too much work, huh....."

Why don't they get it - that they spend more than 4 hours everyday indulging in long coffee and lunch breaks which can be done in under 1 hour......

Shruthi said...

Suyog: Ha ha... Exasperating, isn't it?! :D

Same old anon: Ohhoo very true, I wish I had added that too as Scene 3 :D - its such a common scenario... even if you explain, they don't understand!
Btw, same old anon, I wish you would tell me which "same old anon" you are... I am totally confused :D -- Or better still, leave a name, or if not, a pseudonym at least! Please! :)

Nirwa said...

Well, my sister is sane.. if that makes you feel better.. ;-)



Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm sitting on the fence on this one! ;)


Shruthi said...

Nirwa: Phew! Oh Yeah! :)

Ano: :D

raj.plus said...

Ha,Life can be 'unfair' at times.I know of some "lucky ' people who never went on a diet ( except between two meals), never stretched their muscles ( except the ones covering the jaw bone) and yet remained remarkably slim and healthy. On the other hand, I have a friend who starves himself to death, who burns hundreds of calories at the gym and yet struggles to break into the sub-quintal category !

You must have read Somerset Maugham's parody on the Aesop Fable"Grasshopper and the Ant?". Here is a link, if you haven't

Potter said...

Today is my first day reading blogs and I think this will become a habit.

Shruthi said...

Raj Plus: Hey thanks for the link! I had read it long back, but it was nice reading it again :)

Potter: Welcome! But I warn you, it can become an addiction! :)

- -