Friday, February 24, 2006

Scholarship to go to Stanford?

Hi everybody! My sister has got an admit at Stanford University for Environmental Engineering! Yes! :) But they are not offering her aid. :( And Stanford is very very expensive! Do you happen to know of any scholarship that she might be eligible for? Actually any kind of information on how to go about this, will be of great help. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...


There are a lot of scholarships for indians going abroad. Some of them which I can remember are the inlaks scholarships, FUlbright scholarships, JN Tate Endowment scholarships etc..

Trying searching on the net and you will find a plethora of them

Supremus said...

I am not so sure what other scholarships she might be eligible for other than one's mentioned above, but the thing is, is she looking for a scholarship or funding? They are 2 diff things - also, is it a grad degree or an undergrad degree? generally by rule of thumb, undergrad scholarships are incredibly hard to come by, esp in places like stanford where competition is so fierce. Grads have a better chance.

She should start contacting professors at stanford under whom she hopes to study - get them in coversation and try to see if the profs can fund her education in lieu of a project / research thesis she could do for them. Usually thats how it works - you do a thesis research for a prof who funds your entire stay (aka stipend, tuition and all)

Hope this helps...


Shruthi said...

@Anon: Thanks, she is already doing a lot of research on it, will mention these to her too.

@Suyog: Thanks for the pointers! Will get back to you if I need more info.

Sri Harsha said...

Shruthi, i think supremus made the point on this. I'm doin' my MS in Environmental over here.....and the funding to me has been an on n off case through out.

So just ask her to make sure tht she wld have uninterrupted funding.
Or else it's goin' to be really hard to shell out the bucks.

Shruthi said...

@Harsha: Which Univ of Texas are you in, Harsha? I might be mailing you shortly on this!

Sri Harsha said...


I'm doing my MS at the UT Arlington.

As i said before, funding is the key....make sure on tht. If they don't promise it to her in the first sem. .......atleast she has to make sure tht she wld recieve it from the second sem onwards.

Akshay said...

congragulate your sister on our part.


Shruthi said...

@Harsha: Thanks a ton, really appreciate that!

@Akshay: Sure, will tell her, thanks! :)

Bhupi said...

Say my congrats to her. I myself won't be much of help about this but can refer u to a person. She helped me a lot for my brother. Not exactly abt scholarship but she seems to know good. I'm talking abt Jigs. She has ppl arnd if not herself she can ask others too.

Shruthi said...

@Bhupi: She has already done that, Bhupi, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

First of all, Congrats!! to ur sis. Generally the scholarships mentioned before in another comment help, but I am not sure how difficult/easy they are to get. If ur sis is going for grad studies then the best thing to do would be to contact Profs in her area of interest and mail them. Generally in US Univs if ppl do not get funding in the first sem then they manage to do so by the second sem. It will be a bit tough initially but then you can always manage...She cud also find assistantships in other departments other than her own.. Also department level scholarships are available in some Univs nad this is based on the student's performance. The best thing to do wud be to get in touch with the Indians in Stanford through the Indian Students Assoc or any Indians in her dept. and get the ground reality from them.
Hope this helps

Mridula said...

Shruthi, first of all congratulations to your sis, second, Fullbright is a very senior level scholarship, usually professors get it in their mid careers.

Some of my friends worked to pay for their degrees after taking initial support from home at least for the first sem. I am not sure how feasible it would be for your sis, but my best wishes for her.

Shruthi said...

@Kishore: Thanks a lot! I have fwded this info to my sister.

@Mridula: Thank you very much! Will pass on this info, and your wishes to her.

- -