Monday, February 06, 2006

Back in time.

One of the things I would love to do is to go back in time. No, not the time machine kinds where I get into a machine, and type in "I want to see Socrates drink hemlock" or "I want to witness the Battle of Plassey".

I want to see what was in this place where I am standing right now.

Back 50 years. Probably empty land.
Back 100 years. Probably some trees. Maybe an English regiment is passing through.
Back 200 years. Probably Tipu Sultan has tied his horse to a tree and resting here a while.
Back 300 years. Probably Shivaji is sitting here, lost in contemplation.
Back 500 years. Probably this was a part of the Bangalore fort. Maybe someone's house stood here. Maybe the house of the maid who waited on Kempegowda's wife. Maybe the trees were planted by the maid.
Back 1000 years. Probably a wild wasteland.
Back 2000 years. Probably a flourishing village.
Back 2 million years. Probably the paleolithic man has a cave here
Back 200 million years. Probably a dinosaur is looking for food.
Back to the beginning of the world - imagination endless.

[Note 1: Though my history is shaky and these periods have been approximated by me, they are not too much off the mark.
Note 2: I know there have been no evidence of prehistoric man or dinosaurs found in this part of the world, but there are no limits to the imagination :)]

How wonderful would that be? To see what has happened in this very place over the centuries? To see what wonders this bit of land has seen?

If you have read books by James Michener, you will know where I got this idea from. If you haven't read Michener, then go ahead and read him. He is my favourite author.


Shriedhar said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Shruthi, thanks so much for dropping in at my place and spending some time there :)
I had done the same thing the day before, and enjoyed all your posts.
Who knows perhaps a year from now, we both will be standing at "the spot" and chatting with each other? :D


Ranjit Nair said...

Shruthi, You sound like one of Diana Gabaldon's books - her heroine does exactly what you just described !!!

Supremus said...

"Back 200 million years. Probably a dinosaur is looking for food."

UMMM - That sounds really exciting!! I want to meet a T-Rex and see if he can accompany me to present hehehe :D


Shruthi said...

@Shreedhar: :)

@Ano: Ha ha :) I loved your work! The rainbow poem has totally enchanted me! :)

@Ranjit: Really? Cool.. haven't heard of her.. will check out the site!

@Suyog: Great idea, as long as you don't become the T-Rex's food :)

Raj said...

//To see what has happened in this very place over the centuries?

And how very disappointing it would be to realize that nothing interesting ever happened at this very place!!

Its possible, right!

Shruthi said...

@Raj: Highly possible! But what stops your imagination? Anyway you will never be able to go back and find out (anyway that's what I think today, Feb 8, 2006 ;)) - so whats the harm in being optimistic and let your imagination fly? :)

Raj said...

Shruthi, have you read the short story "Sound of Thunder" about time travel, by Ray Bradbury ? I have googled it for you here.

What he says is that if you go back in time and even stamp a butterfly, you can change the entire course of future events. Why KG circle may not be in the same place when you return! So, if you are travelling back in time, don't touch anything!

Shruthi said...

@Raj: Wow, thanks.. what a story!! Thundering! Loved it :) And don't worry, will not touch anything if I go back :) Will just watch it like a movie and get back!

@Suyog: believe it or not, this story that Raj has linked to is about a T-Rex!! You just have to go check it out!

Roy said...

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Ravi said...

You can still use the Time Machine, you know. I guess this is what keeps archeologists going.

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting blog you have going on here! Chanced by it from indian bloggers thingie...
have a nice day

Supremus said...


Thanks for coming by my blog Shruthi - for some reason your comments were held up as spam - god only knows how :!

That link is awesome heheheeh!! Just the story I like to read :D

BTW, I have finished the first part of tag, that you tagged me... check it out :)


Abhinav said...

hmm gng back in time....well go to Corner House and see those ol pics they have hung of Mayo Hall and other places in Blore, how they looked like 50 years (or so)ago.....also this reminds me of a novel "Timeline" by Michael Crichton if ur interested in fiction

Shruthi said...

@Roy: Hi Roy, welcome, and all the best! YOu don't really need to take permission to visit blogs, the blog owners will be pretty pleased that you came over ;) Will hop over some time.

@Ravi: How can I use the time machine??!! Explain explain! :)

@g: Hey thanks!

Shruthi said...

@Suyog: Cool story ha? :) Checked out your list - heh heh :)

@Abhinav: Ah yes, but would it tell me what was in the very place I am standing on, 50 years ago? That's what interests me!

Ravi said...

Hi Shruthi
Thanks for your kinds words in my site.
This post is fabulous. Wish I had written it. I'm crazy too about History! Keep wishing I could back in time. I swear!

Shruthi said...

@Ravi: Really? That's cool :) Won't it be one amazing thing to do? :D

- -