Thursday, January 12, 2006


Two inexplicable coincidences, in a span of 24 hours - it sends chills down my spine!

Yesterday, I was reading the book "Bangalore through the centuries", about which I had written some time back. The radio was on in the background. As I was immersed in the book, I was not really listening to the radio. I was reading about the British in Bangalore. I learnt that Residency Road got its name from The Residency, a building built in the 19th century for the British Resident. It stands on one end of the Parade Ground. It said that in those times, the Union Jack fluttered on a pole in front of the building. I stopped, and closed my eyes, trying to recollect if I ever saw such a building anywhere on Residency Road. In this pause, I heard someone speaking on the radio, and I caught the word "Residency". I quickly turned my attention to the radio. It was the "Did You Know" section on Radio City. I heard something like this. "The Residency Road in Bangalore ....... British Resident ..... Residency ....... Union Jack...... " She seemed to be telling me the same thing that I was reading!

Now what are the odds of this happening? I had never read this book before. I had never heard this snippet on "Did You Know" before. I had not even heard of the Residency before. How can everything come together at the same time?

This is not the first time this has happened. It has happened at various times, in various levels of disbelief. Each time, it excites me, but at the same time, gives me the creeps!

Just fifteen minutes ago, I was commenting on somebody's blog - I wrote something about "vicious circle". I got a prompt saying that I have a new mail in my inbox. I finished the comment, and checked my mail. It was the daily word-mail from - and the word was, you guessed it "vicious circle".

How can you explain such things?


Raj said...

That is creepy, especially the second incident. Maybe somebody is watching your every move!!

Nikhil said...

You know I just finished re-watching the 1st season of X-files and I think Dana and especially Fox Mulder would be interested.

The truth is out there.
Or maybe it's just that I want to believe.


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Uh-oh... do you ever plan to write about you being flooded with money? Tell us when is the treat!

Bhargav said...

Yeah...such things happen. May be not too often, but if they; we wouldn't be paying much attention. It was during the fasting days of Ramadan, and I happened to see a photograph and read in the school news paper about an Iranian girl, breaking her fast after dusk with a good feast. I was at the bus-stop going through this article, and there she was, waiting for the bus. What are the odds of me meeting her on that day while reading that very article?!

Anonymous said...

well you gotto believe this! 5 minutes ago I was mailing an out of touch friend about how I must be absolutely psychic because today I'd thought of mailing him and there his mail is in the inbox sent just half an- hour ago at 10:58 p.m. today..these things happen to me all the time..but the its even more fantastic still that I have to goto sidin's blog and click on your handle right then
and more so cos I'd been there a couple of times on other days and didnt come to you..

Supremus said...

Now thats quite creepy creepy!!

I agree, what are the chances of such things happen. But then, I just got of f watching LOST, and all I can say is "Everything happens for a reason" :P

I know I know I digress - hehehe; I agree the second incident was kinda creepy LOL!!



Shruthi said...

@Raj: Now that certainly sounds creepy :D

@Nikhil: Exactly what I thought too - The Truth is out there (with the haunting music of X-files in the background ;p)

@Sudipta: Now isn't that a brilliant idea! When I do write, and something nice happens, I will not tell you ;)

Shruthi said...

@Bhargav: Now that takes the cake! Hmm....probably such things keep happening, and maybe we don't really notice it...

@Anon: (Please leave ur name, at least an alias! :)) - Wow, that's weird! Someone else told me, after reading this post, that a similar thing had happened to her just before she read my post.

@Suyog: Lost!? Waiting for a review :)

anish said...

twisted form of déjà vu eh ?

Sri Harsha said...

Jst watch out....they may be some signs to something..... :-()

Jst kiddin'.....anish is right on !

Manasi said...

Now thats creepy! You sure you dont have anyone 'tapping your phone' or spying on you? You can never know who might be watching you these days!

It is kind of weird when such things happen. It has happened to me alos, but it is usually like I think of some friend and want to call her up and as i dial her number she calls up. Or I think of my 'friend';) in a particular outfit or in a particular manner and he turns up at that moment in the same! But they dont give me the creeps, instead make me wonder if its telepathy or some special bond that communicates when you are thinking very deeply, with complete concentration about the person or thing.

Dinesh said...

oqAn extreme case of 'Deja Vu'. Creepy, Yes. Good blog.

Shriedhar said...

interesting to know such things happen..
u kno ,i never believed in blackmagic kinda stuff.

hey,y dun u write all such incidents together?

Anil The Great said...

shruti :

Firstly, it is nowhere related to deja vu(as some of ur commentors have said). Second, it can be called co-incidence or telepathy or sixth sense( on case basis). I take it this way. there are two paramters which govern this whole universe- time and space. So the probablity of an event happening exactly at the same time and in the same spot(space) is extremely low, but nontheless it is a (+)ve probablity and thats what happens to some of us. It is just as simple as picking a white ball from a pack of 2 balls (white and black), only difference is in the probability of the event to happen. We normally refer to it as pure co-incidence.

Shriedhar said...

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u may like it :)

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PS: and welcome to all fun lovers

Shruthi said...

Thank you, everybody, for your comments... I know that it happens to lots of people in varying levels of "unbelievability" :)
I tend to call it an extreme coincidence! :)

Shruthi said...

By the way, Bhargav just mailed me to tell me something so bizarre, that he did not want to post it as a comment here, coz he thought nobody would believe it! First, please read his comment above.. He says that after he finished writing this comment, he was on a bus, when he saw that same, yes the same, Iranian girl on the same bus. Now what do you call that? He says he was totally zapped!

- -