Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Writing, interrupted!

Nine months! - The difference in months between my first post and this!

I am not giving any reasons for the long interval, but you can put it down as a combination of laziness and the "yawn-is-it-worth-writing-about" syndrome ;)

I also have Ravi to thank, who shook me out of my stupor by placing the url of my near empty site under the "Blogs I read" category on his site! I pleaded with him to remove it, but I also started blogging again (Or so I'd like to think :))

But the path to renewing my blog was not strewn with roses either! I wanted to change my url... but hello, not even one url was available. I went through hundreds but all were taken.... finally in frustration I even tried "anything.blogspot.com", "something.blogspot.com" - but hey, guess what, they were also taken :(

Anyway for the second time in nine months "Here goes"!


Global Indian said...

Good start!! I understand that you had trouble in finding a URL, but what does 'nychthemeron' mean? Have you meant Nycthemeron?

By the way, if you are not particular about having an blogspot account, you can try wordpress.com for better URLs. You can download flock from their website and it has a link to create new account. I finally got my 'fifthestate'. But I haven't yet put anything there.

Shruthi said...

Thank you!

Nychthemeron means "a complete 24-hour period - day and night". I got the spelling right!

For now, I will stick to blogspot, and see where it leads to :)

Anirudh said...

Lets hope this blog stays alive.

indiacorporatewatch said...

hey Shruthi
Its good to know that you re-started
your blog
Even I had my own share of
starting problems
and I first started a blog almost
8 months ago and promptly forgot all about it

I suggest you try and put a sitemeter on your blog
That will let you know how many visitors you have got


Once you know that you have a audience that will read your work you will feel more inclined to



Shruthi said...

Anirudh, Thank you!

Abhay, Thanks for the info and the encouragement! ;)

- -